Saturday, July 8, 2017

David is 4!

Today we celebrated David's 4th birthday.  I can't believe he's so big, and he's cute as ever.  He said thank you a lot of times today.  "Thanks for making me pizza Mom!"  "Thanks for the remote control car - it was just what I wanted!"  "Thanks for taking us to the gym, Mom and Dad."  "We get to have chocolate popcorn too!  Are you serious!?"  We're sure lucky to have him in our family.  We had a chill party-day as a family with pizza, a trampoline gym, and ninja turtle plates! (yes, David said "cowabunga" today)

Daddy made this pizza.

Jon asleep at the trampoline gym.  I was impressed that he could sleep even with the loud music playing.  #Dadlife

Last night Jon took apart the remote control car to snip the wire that made it play a long, annoying song.  Yes!  Parents: win. 

Making cupcakes!

Happy Birthday my sweet little boy.

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