Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Pictures

I took Easter pictures of the kids this morning.  There were some stressful moments, but it was also a lot of fun.  The girls have been wanting to wear these dresses ever since I started cutting the fabric a couple months ago.  I feel so grateful to be their Mom!  

It turns out that the best way to get the kids to smile is to say, "Don't smile...."

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Salt Lake City Trip!

This week, Jon was going to be gone for a couple days, so the kids and I took a stay-cation to Salt Lake City.  I booked a hotel that was right across the street from Temple Square.  I think that their favorite things could be listed in this order:

1- Swimming in the pool
2- The escalator we went on at the mall
3- The fountains at City Creek
4- The elevator (and pushing the buttons on the elevator)
5- Eating as a restaurant
6- Temple Square flowers
7- Seeing the temple Mom and Dad were married in

4.5.17 Swimming from Lauren on Vimeo.
4.5.17 The Escalator from Lauren on Vimeo.
4.5.17 Fountains from Lauren on Vimeo.
4.5.17 Elevator from Lauren on Vimeo.

Random things that I noted about the trip:
- Right after we got into our room, one of the kids yelled, "Mom, we have a lamp!!"  I love how they get excited about the smallest things.
- The fountains at City Creek Mall really were cool and we loved watching them. 
- David trying to slide down the stairs of the Temple and not cracking his head ( was close). 
- The kids gaining more and more independence in the swimming pool.  It was the first time that I sat on the edge of the pool and didn't have to get in.
- Suzy saying, "Thanks for this day Mom, it's a really fun day." 
- The kids bickering about who would push the elevator buttons. 
- Holding kids on my lap while watching old episodes of Sesame Street. 
- Everyone tired and feeling like I can't handle any more logistics of walking through the parking garage or along busy streets with the kids on my own. 
- Lily saying: "I want our vacation to never end, except that I want to see Daddy. I really miss him." 
- We could see the temple from our window
- We saw a flower bed full of purple pansies and Lily said, "Mom, there is a flood of flowers!"