Friday, October 20, 2017

Family Pictures 2017

And some behind the scenes:

I'm massaging Jon's face so he can keep smiling.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hope Campground

From as early as I can remember...going up into the canyon was a family favorite.  I remember sitting around a campfire, late at night and singing, "The Fox" with my family.  Most of us didn't know all the words and as the mumbling grew, people looked to my Dad and me to remember the lyrics.  I had a reputation for remembering lyrics, so if I didn't know it...I bluffed...usually to good effect or just followed my Dad's lead.  Camp fire.  Jumping in leaves.  Smores.  Family.  These are some of my favorite childhood memories.

Hope Campground in the fall is one of my favorite places in all the world.  You drive up a long, windy and twisting trail.  I remember being young and being so afraid that we might fall off the edge of the road and down the mountain.  Now my girls voice that concern and I say the same thing to them that my parents told me: "We wouldn't come up if it wasn't safe.  Daddy knows how to drive us safely all the way up."  Then I tell Jon to stop looking out the window so much and not to cut the curve.  

Yesterday we had an impromptu trip up there and while the yellow leaves haven't turned colors yet, the reds and oranges were so vibrant.  It's tucked away and peaceful.  We roasted pineapple around the fire, had apple tinfoil cobbler and played card games.  I think I'll always love time with my family in the canyon, especially in the fall.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


I was only there for three days, but I'm already in love with the Oregon Coast.  Thanks so much to our parents, Adam and Michelle, Kate and especially to Jon for helping make this weekend happen for me.  Sometimes, Mom's just need a break and thank goodness we can (sometimes) get it.  Also, the weather was incredible. There was hardly any wind and rain which is the opposite of what it's usually like.

Playing in the sand is one of my favorite things.  I didn't have my kids there as an excuse this time...but I didn't let that stop me!

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