Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My Birthday! (28 years old)

I had an incredibly fun birthday.  I didn't change any poopy diapers or do any dishes.  Jon worked extra the week before so he could take the day off, and we spent it together as a family...perfect.

Birthday breakfast cobbler...

So many sweet notes and gifts from the kids, including a necklace they worked on with Jon for the last couple Sundays.  One day when I came down and they had just put it away, David said, "Mom, you got a necklace...DON"T TALK."    

 Then we went up through American Fork Canyon to do the Alpine Loop.  It's so fun...I'm used to Provo canyon and it was beautiful to see the new views.  

We also stopped at Cascade Springs.  So, so, so, so, so much fun.  I was so happy and content.  Sigh, I love doing everything that I like to do just the way I like to do it on my birthday.  Suzy is holding up her finger because she got a pretty big sliver from the wooden board walk.  Luckily Jon got it out and she soon recovered.

And we finished the day off with a trip to one of my favorite Indian restaurants, plus we watched the Great British Baking Show that night.  Yup - perfect day with Jon and my kids.  I'm so grateful for this hard, beautiful, messy phase we're in (notice my necklace from the kids in this picture).

A Week of "Firsts"

It's been a week of big first-time experiences at our house lately.  In the last couple weeks, we've had Lily's first day of kindergarten:

August 29th, 2016

The girls had their first ballet class (which they adore)

After two weeks of driving Lily to school, we both felt ready for her to start riding the bus.  So now we go to the stop and she jumps on (like a grown up girl).  Luckily she has a friend from our church who goes on the same bus.  It's nice to have someone to sit with.

 Lily lost her first tooth.

 David and Suzy had their first day of preschool together.  Suzy was going back to the same school, and it was David's first time ever in school.  He ran right in and loves it.