Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hanging out with Family - the summer in review

We've had so much fun this summer.  I love looking at these pictures and see all the family who has visited Utah and the time we got to spend with them.  So much fun.

I'm not ready for summer to end. I don't mind the hot weather - it's better than snow right?  Could we stop the world turning?  Sigh...I guess I'll just have to try to be optimistic about the blessings of winter.  But man, it's been such a fun summer.

Date Night (outside edition)

I've forced Jon to take pictures on dates with me lately.  

Pictures aren't his favorite...

But he deals with it.

Tonight we hike to Stuart Falls.  Last time we did this hike, I was pregnant with Lily.  

We were racing the clock, so we only made it to this overlook, but even the distant sound of water was beautiful and calming.  I love being outside with Jon.  So great!

We also recently biked the Provo River Trail (it was on Jon's summer bucket list).  

It's all downhill (which was good for us) but still so fun to feel like we went so far...from the canyon all the way down to Utah Lake.

A view of Timpanogos at the end of the trail.

The last thing on my summer bucket list?  Hiking Provo Peak.  We'll see if that gets to happen this year.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Summer of Weddings

We've been to two beautiful weddings so far this summer and we have one more to go.  It's been so fun to see our nephews and my brother in the temple, being sealed to their sweet hearts.  Here's some great pictures from Brandon's wedding.  There was a dance party at their reception, and our little family was all over that.

Of course, its' hard to slow dance when....

Suzy wouldn't let go of Jon's legs.  But we got to dance together for about a minute.