Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spring Break

Spring Break freaked me out - the kids and I struggle without structure and Jon was really busy with finals next week so we were on our own.  We survived!  And hopefully we'll get a family vacation in at the beginning of next month.

Hiking to bridal veils with cousins:

Going to the local farm - we waited 55 minutes to ride on these ponies.  I thought we wouldn't make it because David didn't seem to understand the idea of waiting in a line at first and was super upset that it wasn't our turn.  But then he settled down.  The older girl in this picture is my youngest sister, Emma.

David was adamant that he would be on the "littlest pony," then cried as soon as I put him on it because he said it was "still pretty big."  But he settled down and let me walk next to him.  I was glad since it'd been quite the wait.

We made a trip to Jon for lunch and the good old JFSB (which is actually brand new now).

I let Suzy nap for a couple hours in the afternoon one day, and then she was up until 11:15 - phew - not doing that again!

Brand new paints!

And last, we visited the local gardens.  We walked out and Suzy said, "Thank you so much for bringing us to these beautiful gardens Mom."  Right after that Lily said, "That was HORRIBLE.  I cannot use my legs 
an-y-more!"  However, she was so excited to tell Jon about our visit that night.  So - oh well.

Lily washing dishes

David with his blankie - I'm not looking forward to weaning him off of this and his thumb.

Sunday coloring