Sunday, November 29, 2015


It snowed just enough to go sledding.  Since Jon had work off - we did it!

Mary was moving out of state in a couple days, so it was so fun to have her come with us.

David didn't like it so much - but he also didn't cry the whole time so we're making progress with snow.

Fun fact: My Mom knitted the head band I'm wearing while she waited in the hospital for Lily to be born.

 The girls loved having Aunt Mary with us - she pushed Suzy all the way down the hill on her last run.

Snow Angels!

Friday, November 27, 2015

Decorating for Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving is always when my family would put up Christmas decorations.  I love this tradition and so do our kids.  Look at Lily's face - she was glowing the entire time we were getting things out.  Suzy was twirling like a ballerina and I just thought - Christmas really is magical.  

Just some random other stuff...we traded our old small piano for a beautiful new one.

 I've been taking piano lessons and got to the point where I really needed all the keys if I was really going to learn the songs I'm working on.  Its been so much fun for me to do something musical again.  I have a great teacher and even Jon has started playing some more.

Although...after a 7 year break, starting piano with a hard Rachmaninoff song might get you off on the wrong foot ;)

The kids and I are still loving our Thanksgiving Point Pass - we had the outside swing to ourselves (since it was the middle of November and freezing, but the girls didn't mind).

Date night!

Jon did this when we were first dating - drew diagrams for me on a napkin to try to explain the latest thing he's learned to me.  I love it.  I still have the first scientific drawing he ever made (sigh) almost 6 year ago.

Super-critical phase changing...or something like that.

We've been doing more family dance parties in the evening.  The current favorite: A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay.

Also...David hates haircuts.  Poor guy - we got new clippers and I cut him on accident since I wasn't used to sharp ones.  Now he's terrified.  :(