Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Pictures of the Kids

We're doing family pictures in two rounds this year - kids single shots at one time, and the family shots later.

Once David figured out I didn't want him to do this with his shirt - he wouldn't do anything else.

 And Suzy...


David kept running a little further away then I felt comfortable with...

When I called him to come back the second time, he came and gave me this face:

My Mom came up with us, which was super fun for everyone.

Great Grandma Tyler's

A while ago, we went to my Grandma Tyler's for a visit.  It was so fun to see my kids sled down the hill that I used to sled down as a kid.  It was perfect weather, and I got to just sit and talk with my Grandma - so fun.

David on the hill...

In addition to Grandma, my Uncle Jim was there - and he makes things more fun than any playground.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Settling In - Utah stuff.

Suzy's first day of preschool - she was beyond excited and loves it.

Lily also had her first day (they go to the same preschool right now).  She is big enough to pick all her own clothes, and to not want to pose for a picture.

And a favorite of mine...its the season for going up the canyon as much as you possibly can.  The colors aren't totally changed yet, but its still so fun to be up there.  However, even as a girl, I got nervous on one particularly windy road with lots of drop offs.  I'm still nervous on it, only now I'm saying, "Its ok Lily, Daddy will drive safe."  Then the next moment I'm whispering, "Jon, slow down on this turn....yikes."

We got a Thanksgiving Point Pass which has been super fun.  They have three or four venues that the kids loves - a farm and a big children's museum.

 And then, there's all the time we've had with family that has been beautiful.  This is the girls playing with aunt Mary at a park.  I was pushing David in the swing, and heard a little boy I didn't know run by yelling, "Mary is it!"  Awesome, she is so great with kids, and my girls love being babysat by her.

We got together with Jon's parents one last time before they headed to the Kyiv, Ukraine Temple.  This will be their third mission in that temple - we're so happy for them.  We'll miss them, but can't wait for their return when they'll live just 5 minutes away from us.

Papa fed Suzy all her green beans and dinner.  We need to hire him on full time.

 Then I had my birthday - I got so many kind wishes from friends on facebook and over texts and from my family.  Thanks everyone!  In the morning, my Mom came with us to the Childrens Museum.  Then, we were going to go up the canyon, but it was raining (one of the first times since we moved here).  We made up for it by going to In N Out (we brought along our own salad).  Then my Mom watched the kids so Jon and I could go see "Inside Out."  It was really fun.

Suzy made me a birthday cake.

My brother Joseph got a puppy - oh my goodness - his name is Jake and he is adorable.  I didn't understand why people ever got dogs...but its starting to make sense. 


I'm at the point where I can quilt again - its so fun.

And despite Jon's crazy homework schedule, we have found some time to go to parks or on walks.

There have been a lot of hard things about the transition even though we're so excited to be here.  I really miss friends in PA and the beautiful woods there.  But, the hardest adjustment has been sleeping.  Lily just didn't sleep well for the first two weeks - and we'd have to lay down by her for 30 minutes for her to even fall asleep at all.  Now the kids are sleeping well more, which makes everything go better.

Also, Jon accidentally left his cracked wheat cooking on low all night long. Miraculously, it didn't burn the house down or make everything smokey.  And...perhaps more crazy is that Jon and the kids ATE IT!  I couldn't believe it - Suzy loved it.