Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Epoch Road Trip

We moved on a Monday - this is the Saturday before.  An angel in our ward watched our kids for 12 hours so Jon and I could go to the DC temple together.  The time together was so needed with all the stress of moving.  What a blessing for good friends.

Here's me painting some patches on the wall that I'd started earlier in the day - I didn't even drip any on Suzy.

Our good friends the Greens fed us the day before we left - this is me and Heather.

Our little girls have been such good friends - we miss so many people in PA.

We had so many men in our ward show up to help us move that some of them had to just stand around and wait for a while.  Thank you!

Then, a bunch of people came in the evening to help us with the cleaning.  We felt very loved.

And it was really weird to sleep on the floor that last night in our empty, empty house - we loved this little house so much.

And...we started driving.  The girls both got little dolls with a bottle that fit inside its mouth.  This was an awesome road trip toy.  David got a truck that he didn't care much about :) 

We stopped first in Ohio to see Rusty (Jon's brother) and Brittany and their kids.

We made it to a water park they built on the river in Cincinnati - it was really cool.

Day 2 of driving took us to Detroit to see my Aunt and Uncle, David and Cori.

This is my girls with my cousin, Hilary - just the perfect age for playing together.

Day 3 was a long haul - 13 hours to Lincoln, NE where we stayed with Ben (Jon's brother again) and Rachel and their family.

Suzy has been very excited about ballerina stuff, and we'd told her that Becca is a real ballerina.  She even had some old pointe shoes she gave to Lily and Suzy.  They couldn't have been more excited.

David got some good train time in and we spent half the day in their pool out back.

The final day was supposed to be about 13 hours, but turned into 15 when we hit stand still traffic in Wyoming.  That was the hardest part of the trip - but Eastern NE is quite beautiful.

Just an hour away from pulling in at my Moms....

And we made it!  This is a picture Jon's parents took when they showed up at our new townhouse unexpected by us.  That was a super fun surprise.

We've settled in nicely, everything is out of boxes - I still can't find some things and need to re-organize, but it looks clean after the kids are in bed. :)  We're in a 3 bedroom town house and feel really grateful.  For a while we thought we'd be headed back to a 2nd story apartment, but I'm so glad I don't have to worry about my kids being noisy for people living under us.

Our HOA maintains a pool - just for one more week.  We've swimmed almost every day.

The kids with Papa.

David and Suzy being pushed by Grandpa at their Great Grandma Tyler's house.

Walking with Grandma...we've been loving the time with family.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Closing the Pennsylvania Chapter

We've been saying goodbye to our favorite things about Pennsylvania.  This view is one of mine - its just down the road from our house, and we always use this road when we're coming home from being anywhere.  There is usually wheat or corn growing in the field - but right now it's soy beans. 

Shank Park

The gorgeous walking trail at the bottom of our hill.

The Farm Show

Visiting Jon at work and going on the walking bridge

Visiting the Susquehanna River

Our sledding hill right behind our house.

The blossoms in our front yard

The beach!!

Our crazy hard and wonderful temple trips - always an 9 - 10 hour ordeal that somehow made life easier in the long run.

Family walks at the duck pond

Chocolate World

Our first house here - David was born while we lived here.

The park right behind our house.

The Butterfly Garden

The library - with its awesome train table.

and the green along all the roads everywhere.  Green, green, green.

 What's going to be much harder to leave though are the people - not the places.  Of course, I couldn't get a picture with every person who had meant a lot to us here - but these are some of them.

Jon was ward mission leader for a while, so we got to work with the missionaries a lot which was really fun.

Why are we even leaving?  :)  We're happy and sad at the same time.