Thursday, April 30, 2015


Yesterday my friend Heather and I were super brave.  We got in my van with our five kids and drove 2.5 hours (a four hour trip with traffic and potty stops) to the zoo in DC.  It was a blast.  I love the Zoo.

My only hope was to see the orangutans going across their wires over head.  And what was the first thing we saw?  So cool to see them swinging right above you like its nothing.

 Komodo Dragon

Monkey and Elephants

We saw the panda eating his frozen apple juice treat.

David was asleep before the girls were even buckled. 

Life Is

I've come to a new acceptance of life as it is.  It just is.  It is wonderful and hard and crazy and happy and sorrowful and hurtful and healing and messy.  I still remember the classic family night where my Dad said, "Kids - it all comes down to messes."  And then we talked about the Atonement.  We all make messes - we get to.  You get to and I get to - this is life.

Here are some of the wonderful parts...

 Many young families go to the DC temple from a long-ish distance and then the parents take turns doing a session.  Whoever put in this new children's exhibit deserves a Thank You Note.  It was so nice.

The girls helping Daddy clean the car.

Out for an evening at the park - this is our hide out tree.

Lily drew Jesus on the cross.  She is so sweet.
Our new morning routine - the kids are all dressed before they can go eat breakfast with Daddy.  It has helped me so much.

And since Jon is often getting ready at the same makes for a crowded bathroom.  Morning fun.

David is my little buddy.  I was getting ready for the day, and he just brought his game up to be next to me.

Jon has started telling the girls Jesus stories at bedtime, and they asked for one during dinner.

They were totally captivated.
Jon told them the story of Christ healing the man with palsy.

When we go on walks right now - the girls ride their bikes and David pushes a stroller.  He is all business and loves it.
David also loves to rub people's backs right now.  We were just in Harrisburg for lunch with Jon, and David just walks over to rub our backs and wait for us to notice.  So cute.
In good news....look at these blossoms!  Finally they're out in our front yard. 
And I just decorated the girls room - simple and cute and fun.

This temple picture and shelf were in my room when I was a girl - my Mom painted it.  I love having it up.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I think next time I'm tempted to feel like I'm not accomplishing much and every day is the same...I'll watch these videos:




And best of all: 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Jon had last Friday off so we went to the aquarium.  Luckily, Suzy entertained us most of the way there...

 David giggled and giggled when the dolphins jumped up.  It brought back memories for me - this was my favorite movie growing up, and its just 60 minutes of dolphins swimming with back up music. I loved it as a kid.  When I was Lily's age, I think I loved dolphins as much as she loves whales.
 Then we had General Conference.  Every 6 months, our church gathers to hear some of our leaders give sermons.  This year, it fell on Easter - so we worshiped in our home and tried to help the kids pay attention (or just not yell) for 4 hours on Saturday, and then 4 on Sunday.  (We had a two hour break in the middle each day).  If you're interested in what things Mormon leaders are saying - you can watch and read them here.  There are so many good ones but this and this were two of my favorites.
 Lily drew our family in whales.  I love the three little whales.  Then she would dip a paint brush in water and wash off the chalk that way - an idea from my friend that my kids loved.

 I bound quilts the whole time while I listened.
 And we colored and listened.  I always love General Conference Weekend.  you'd think that 8 hours of sermons would get really boring - and it kinda did as a teenager - but now its just so wonderful.  I love the time together and the Spirit in our home so strongly.

And here's a very typical picture of Lily.
Our friends brought us bunny bread for Easter.  Awesome.