Saturday, February 21, 2015

5th Anniversary

Jon gave me the best anniversary present ever.  At 7 am he was all dressed and ready to go to work when he told me, "Happy Anniversary, I'm not going to work today."  I was shocked and he just laughed, telling me that it was so hard to get out of bed at 5:20 am but he really wanted to see the surprised look on my face.  It was a beautiful day - so fun.
 We did our normal exercise routine in the kitchen (the kids often join me for the abs workout).
 We had preschool scheduled for 10 am.  When my friend Heather got to our house, she was surprised to see Jon.  I told her it was our anniversary and he'd surprised me.  Right away she said, "Oh, why don't you go out!  I'm here, I'll watch your kids.  Go."  So, we went out to lunch at an Indian Restaurant in Harrisburg right by Jon's work.  The lunch buffet was amazing - that naan...yum.

 After quiet time, we went to a hunting outlet that is close to our house.  We looked at the fish in the big tank (they have fish the size of David in there).  And there were a bunch of animals around - it kind of felt like the Bean Museum.  We also followed tracks on the floor and even sat in a boat for a pretend ride.

 In the evening, Jon and I had planned to go out to Macaroni Grill - where we ate on our wedding day.  My dear friend, Danielle totally rearranged her schedule so she could babysit for us.  The kids love her, and she always brings fun activities to do with them.  This time it was Easter eggs and stickers.
 (Fuzzy picture, I like it anyway)
 These two pictures prove that we have been married for five years.  Because - Jon posed a math question to me at the table, and I totally figured it out.  The green is how Jon did it - the red it how I did it. took me a while but I got it.  It was actually fun.
(Here's the question...for those who might be interested)
Working alone at its constant rate, machine A produces k liters of a chemical in 10 minutes. Working alone at its constant rate, machine B produces k liters of the chemical in 15 minutes. How many minutes does it take machines A and B, working simultaneously at their respective constant rates, to produce k liters of the chemical?

I'm so grateful for the last five years and for all the struggle we've been through together.  Jon and I were talking yesterday about how our weaknesses and our trials have really made it possible for our love to have so much more depth then it otherwise would have.  We're starting to understand how you really can grow to love each other more and more every day, because you're always working and overcoming things together.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow Days...and days...and days...

Its been freezing here, so I thought I'd post these pictures I found of us playing in the snow.  They're from December, the snow is all frozen over and icy now.  Its sunny though, which is always a good thing.

 This is how David feels about the snow, until you get him in a chair with his blanket.

 He prefers to watch his sisters playing, and he hates wearing gloves.

 This girls loves making snow angels.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A (Long) Picture Update

We like to go visit Jon at work - in the summer we do it once a week.  In the winter, it's harder, but sometimes we still make it over there.  We'll cross the river to get a Little Ceasars Pizza (why don't they have this on our side of the river...I don't know).  Then we come back and walk to the mall.  This ball machine is a favorite.

1.17.15 bunny farmshow lily suzy from Lauren on Vimeo.
The 2015 Farmshow was a success.  There is a lot of farming in central PA.  We got to pet a bunch of animals and have a crazy good milkshake (so I was happy).  You get used to the smell the longer you're there.  Oh, and the "shuttle" or really the bus ride from the parking lot to the complex was the funnest part for the kids.

These girls love library books.  We check out 30 at a time and keep them in this red bin.  Its such a life-saver when we get a new batch of books and they're entertained by them for longer periods. This is what the kids do while we're at the library, and I rush around filling our bag.  The librarian had to bring David to me the other day, because I guess he was wan

 Lately, Hat Cottage is Suzy's favorite.  But we've loved a bunch by that author, Elsa Beskow.  Today, we made a special treat inspired by the book:
Oh, and Lily loves to rip her bread into tiny pieces lately.  She only does this with dessert or cheesy bread or pancakes.  She like to savor it.

Lily and Suzy slept on the floor together for about a month.
 Can you guess why this is happening?  (On our way to church, forgot diaper wipes in the diaper bag...and realized that the back up wipes in the car are frozen solid).

It warmed up enough to play outside for a few minutes a couple weeks ago.
Lily did a spotlight poster for her preschool, which means I did it - it felt strange to be doing a project that so closely resembled homework.  But Lily decorated the back with ocean animals (she thought of all the animals herself) and asked me how to spell them.  She started by asking me how to spell "sperm" and I was like, "what?!"  Oh...Sperm Whale.

This one's my favorite.

A couple friends came over for a playdate with their 3 month old babies.  Suzy did not want to let them go.  When Ally said that she had to bring her baby home to feed her, Suzy got milk from the fridge and said, "here - you can feed her this."  Lily has been talking about babies ever since and asked me if the next baby would be ready to come out of my tummy before she grows up.  "It will be a girl right?  And we'll name her Kennady" (one of Lily's preschool friends).
Lily and Suzy are loving the snow...especially with our new sled.  Husky dogs are the new thing around here - even though Suzy says is kind of looks like a cat.

Lily is doing great at learning to do the dishes - almost completely by herself.  I think I'm hoping I can have the kids doing all their own laundry by age 8...maybe 10.  We'll see how that goes.
We went to Chocolate World in Hershey for the free ride and sample - its something fun to do indoors.  I am getting sick of the music they play on the ride, but its nice to get out.
Jon planned an at-home date and it was a hit.  Wow.  We invited friends over the next night to help eat all the leftovers.  Nutella Twist Bread - delicious.

Cutting and gluing are the thing over here.  Every morning while I work out in the kitchen, the girls usually do this.  Sometimes I just break down and put on a show though - just thought I should throw that in there to be honest.  Ok, most days it ends with them watching a show.  
Thanks to Jimmy for this Christmas Present from a few years ago.  We did it for a family night activity and the girls loved it.  Suzy stood the closest and smoked the rest of us.

Lily likes to make a "cake" with the blocks...just one big chunk of legos.

As for this weekend, we've all been sick.  The kids are worse than me and Jon - they have fevers and bad cough/congestion.  They hate their "spicy" couch medicine.  
Today we sat around all day, and David took off the lego door, then asked me to put it back on for him at least 20 times before I thought of distracting him with something else.

I love how Suzy walks with her hands in her pockets, and below is her first time tracing her name.  So cute!

We put up a bird feeder in our backyard and it reminds me of my Mom.  She's an avid birdwatcher and I always thing, "She could tell me what that is."  I do know the Red Northern Cardinals though - hard to miss.  This isn't the best picture, but I watched one out my octagonal window the other day - so I was about 6 feet from it...with a pane of glass in between.  Still cool though.
I've started teaching Zumba - had my first class last week and it went great!  One of the songs I use is Rockafellar Skank, we do it with kick-boxing style (which really just means to do a lot of japs and uppercuts).  Anyway, I hadn't played it for a couple days and I heard Suzy singing like in the movie above.  Just in case you can't tell, she's saying, "Check it out now.  Funk. Soul. Brother."
01.23.15 david (2) from Lauren on Vimeo.

This is where the kids help us make dinner every night.  I love seeing all three of them up there - it makes David seem so old and Lily so tall.