Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Suzy has been beyond excited for her birthday.  We made a red and green chain and the last one wasn't Christmas - it was the day after Christmas, which is Suzy's birthday.  Every morning, she'd look at the chain, light up and scream that she was so excited.
 We opened presents in the morning, and Suzy got a baby humpback whale, then Lily got a baby blue whale to match the whales they received on Lily's birthday.  They both sleep with the mommies and babies now.
 Lily left her whales like this on the counter.
 Jon got a Frosty the snowman shirt - and the girls were delighted (scroll down for more on Frosty).
 Then it was off to the "Old McDonalds" play place.  What a Dad - sitting in the screaming play place on his birthday.  We still haven't done his Ice cream cake yet - but we will tomorrow.

In other random news - we thought we'd put the Frosty Holiday Special away until next Christmas.  But, Lily was telling us about it this morning...

And this is the new veggie-feeding technique.  Its always changing.  And Suzy hardly ever eats them.

We also got to go see my friend Suzanne's new baby.  So sweet!  It was especially fun, because Emma is about the same age as my niece, Tess who I've yet to hold.  Sigh.  We spent a couple hours working on this sleeve for Emma's blessing dress, only to realize that we'd have to scrap it and do a much simpler version.  Oh well - so it goes for beginning sewers.

Christmas at our house

For Christmas Eve, we got together with some friends in our ward and had an incredibly delicious dinner.  Then, we did a short nativity.  Lily was absolutely adamant about playing the part of baby Jesus.  I hesitated, but my friend helped me realize that if she cared that much - why not?  She excitedly wrapped the scarf around herself and said they were her swaddling clothes.  She might be the tallest baby Jesus ever.  Suzy made a beautiful little Mary.

 Lily and Suzy LOVED their matching Christmas Eve PJs.

Christmas morning was so wonderful.  The kids are still young enough that they don't know how to have greed fever.  We sat the on couch and woke up a bit, then had some oats and cracked wheat (Mom was eating chocolate chex in the background).

We took a different approach to presents this year, and mostly got ones that the kids would have to play with together, and would discourage hoarding.  

Jon had the idea to just put it together with the kids that morning - they'd love it.

 It started out great, with our little princess engineer trying to figure everything out.  And, it ended up like this:

Jon did most of it on his own.  But, this present was a bit hit...
The kids watching the videos I'd just taken of them opening presents.

We had the missionaries over for a late breakfast which was really fun.  They'd all just talked to their families - and then later I got to talk to Jimmy who is on his mission in CA.  It was so great.

Our little tree, set up on a box and barricaded by the couch and my hope chest.  

One thing I love about David is how determined he is.  When he is working on putting something together, he'll hold his mouth slightly open in concentration.  He has a plan...and when the plan doesn't go as he expected...
Its hard.

We feel so grateful to have our little family all together and to have had such a blessed Christmas.  Most of all, we're grateful to feel close to each other and for how the Savior helps us make our home a happy place.

I think one of my favorite parts of the whole day was our new family tradition - singing campfire carols on Christmas Night.  We all loved it.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thanksgiving Tradition

New Tradition: Post a video clip of what we're thankful for - someday I'll string each kids together.


A good thing to do right before we mop the floor.
Our new favorite dinner time game:
We cleaned the church last Saturday and then went to McDonalds for lunch.  The kids loved it - but it was really hard to leave.  Notice Lily in the background? I took this video right after telling Suzy she could go down the slide one more time.

My Mom used to make home made play dough with us - and I loved it.  So much fun to do in the winter.

 I go get a cucumber and turn around - sigh.  Shopping can be hard.
 Suzy was up really late the other night.  She'd been really quiet in her bed so we didn't realize it.  We let her get up for half an hour with us, so she saw us brush and floss - she was fascinated because she's never seen that before.

Christmas Traditions

We've been trying to think of Christmas traditions that focus more on Christ.  When I was at walmart, I found these cheap little lanterns in their cake decorating/wedding section along with some battery powered tea lights.
For family night, we turned off all the lights and talked about how Jesus Christ is the light of the world.  We read John 8:12 - "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."
We let one of the kids turn on their lanterns and they led us into the kitchen or up the stairs.  Then, we sang a Jesus Christmas song with only the lanterns on.  The girls loved it - and we have included a lantern- lighted song every evening after family scripture study.  

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

David Flushing Toilet

David figured out how to flush the toilet on his own.  Once he did, he made that face in the picture below.  I thought it was hilarious, so I didn't say anything, just started taking pictures.  
He looks so guilty, but I really didn't even tell him to stop.  He just figured it must be something he would get in trouble for.

He often comes over to suck his thumb and just touch me or Jon.

Random Stuff at our House

 We've had one big snow this year.  I always get nervous about Jon driving on the roads, because they really don't plow them out here like they do in Utah.

Both Lily and Suzy did this same thing as 18 months.  David's my little helper - and he starts nursery the beginning of January.  I can't believe he's getting so big.
 This weekend Ben and Kristen watched our kids so we could go to the temple together.  Its so wonderful to be there together - makes it feel extra special now that we're used to trading off.  Then, we took Autumn and Naoma up to our house for a sleepover.  My girls were in cousin heaven.

 Yesterday I couldn't fight the exhaustion and fell asleep for an afternoon nap.  When I woke up, Lily had made this all by herself.
 Today Lily was playing on the couch and saying, "Daddy has Mommy, Suzy, and baby Lily in his tummy.  And when they come out, he'll take care of all of them."  

 The kids were in the tub this morning - maybe a little longer than usual and I start hearing that terrifying little grunting like someone is pooping.  I look over - got all the kids out quickly, got David cleaned up, put all the toys in the sink to bleach later and got the 409 to scrub down the tub before actually washing the kids.  I'm scrubbing the tub when Lily comes in and tells me she has poop on her foot.  I ask her where it came from and she answers, "David's room."  Rookie mistake - I assumed David was done pooping.  How could I have done that when I've had children for 4 whole years now?  So, I pushed pause on the tub, found David happily reading books in his room, with a little poop trail behind him.  So, I cleaned up Lily, cleaned David a second time (and put a diaper on him this time - as pictured), scrubbed the carpet, finished up scrubbing the tub and then washed my kids in it.  Phew!
 Little miss Suzy is potty training and doing great!  She started on Thanksgiving and had two accidents that day, and none since.  I'm so proud of her (and grateful).

 I've been trying to figure out some fancier ways to decorate sugar cookies.  Its a learning process and despite the help of awesome blogs - it is a skill that takes time to learn.  Above was a fail from today.  Ps - notice how my hands are dyed pink...yeah...food coloring will color whatever it touches.
But I loved how these ones turned out.