Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More Family to Visit

We had a visit from Mom and Dad Terry - it was so much fun.  Lily and I cried when they left, but it was so great to have them here.  I love the following succession of pictures.
Push one...
push two...
 push three.  Papa did this for quite a while, even with the kids very specific pushing requests (Suzy hates to go high and Lily hates to go slow).  
 Some cute pictures in the afternoon light...

 Its tradition now that Nanee plays the piano and the girls dance.  They love it.

 Jon and Dad got the fence post fixed, and Jon and I also finished up laying the brick in the back yard.  What a relief to have that project done.  

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

More October Stuff

 My Dad got to come visit for one evening because he had a meeting in Washington DC.  We loved every minute of it.

 Waiting to pick up Grandpa.
 Picture right before my Dad had to go.  As I watched him walk away, Lily said, "Mom, why are you crying?"  I told her that I missed my Daddy.  She said, "At least you can be with us."

 Lily's first haircut and she's almost 4!  Just a trim, but a big day all the same.

Halloween and The Pumpkin Glow

No treats for girls who don't eat their vegetables.  When we were walking around the pumpkin glow, I was saying to Suzy, "Are you going to eat those so you can have a piece of candy?"  She did it!

Lily was Santa Claus first, but when she saw Suzy got to have whiskers drawn on her face, she really  wanted to be a dog.  And for the ward Halloween party, Lily changed her mind again and was a butterfly with the wings and tutu that Gwen had sent her.
 I took a picture of these for Gwen
I took a picture of these for Jonas

Fall Fun

 Funnest Kids Pumpkin patch ever - we got a hay ride, a corn box (instead of a sand box), some apple cider, and the kids each got to pick a pumpkin.

 The Hershey Halloween Parade.  It was so much fun and so great to do it at night time.  A lot of neat costumes.
 Lily the sleeping bag babushka.

The next series of pictures are great.  Let it be known that Suzy is not hurting David, just touching his head.  But that was NOT ok.

 Lily kept begging to go into the water today.  She couldn't understand how she would be colder if she was wet.  She thought that since she was warm on the shore - it should be fine, right?
Whenever we're walking in from the car, Lily likes to run and be first so she can pretend to be asleep on the threshold.
The girls finally earned their umbrellas!  They worked so hard - Suzy finished the half of her jobs in one morning.