Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cute Things Kids Say

Whenever my kids say or do cute things, I send myself an email to remember to write it down later.  Those emails are piling up, so here goes...

When we're at church, David loves to walk around, and around, and around, and around.  There is a picture of the a lion and a lamb, symbolizing the peace that will reign on the earth after the second coming of Jesus Christ.  David will walk to that picture, and then growl and growl at it.  This little boy loves to growl.  Suzy loved to growl too - but David does it with this intensity and consistency that is so much like a little boy.  Last week, he looked at the picture and said, "baa" too which is an animal sound we've been working on.

Puddles are Davids favorite thing right now.  And whenever he gets excited about anything - he starts yelling jibberish.  Its so cute.  The cutest though is when he sees Jon after work or from across the hall at church.  "DA! DA DA DA!"  He totally screams it.

I was telling someone to be quiet the other day with my forefinger in front of my lips while I said, "shhh."  David was studying me doing that, then put his finger in front of his lips and blew, then made the "ffff" sound.  Its so cute.  Now whenever I do it - he tries to do it too.  I'll be kind of sad when he finally learns to make the sound the right way.

Finding time to exercise and then to get ready for the day is tricky.  I've started letting the kids watch shows while I do it.  When I turn on a show, the girls are hooked and won't move till its over.  However, once David hears the water running for my shower, he crawls and walks as fast as he can up the stairs to check it out.  He loves getting in the tub and always hopes that its his turn to get in.

David has been walking and learning to sign.  He's now saying some words too which is cute.  His first word was "bubble," pronouced, "buh-buh."

Whenever we go to visit Jon at work, we ride the glass elevator from the first floor up to the seventh.  There is a beautiful view of some hills and trees out across the river.  Suzy always asks to ride it, but calls it the "alligator".  Lily likes to lay down in it while its going.

When Suzy spits her toothpaste into the sink every night, she sounds like she's trying to play the trumpet.  She does this long, drawn out spit - letting her lips buzz for a few seconds.

We're pretty serious about eating our vegetables over here, and have started having little desserts for people who eat them.  Suzy almost never goes for it.  She'll watch everyone else eat dinner, but won't eat a lot of hers, and almost never eat her vegetables.  Then, when an oreo or whatever we're using for dessert comes out, she sits right next to Lily and looks and it and talks about it and touches it with her finger and talks about how she can't have some.  Its kind of hard for me to watch.  But the other night, she was actually eating her green beans.  Dinner was wrapping up, so I asked Suzy if she would come get into her pajamas.  She looked at me, and said (in a very serious voice) "No Mom.  I need to eat this bean."  Jon and I started laughing so hard - her inflection and the way she cocked her head down and looked up at me while holding the bean to show me...so classic Suzy.

Every morning, and now sometimes in the afternoon, Suzy asks Jon if he's staying home.  On a weekday, she'll say, "Daddy has to go to work," with a little disappointment in her voice.  When he comes down in PJs on Saturday and Sunday, Suzy will ask, "Daddy, are you staying home today?"  When Jon says yes, her face lights up with the biggest smile and she'll bounce over to me to give me a hug and tell me the good news, "Mommy, Daddy is staying home today!"

We try to ask the girls what the happiest and saddest parts of their days were.  Well, we used to because they got sick of it.  But when they used to answer, Suzy would always say that the sad part was when she got bubbles in her eyes in the bathtub - even if we hadn't been in the tub that day.
I recently hurt my finger pretty badly while quilting.  Its doing a lot better now - I'm typing this with my left forefinger which is a luxury I took for granted before.  Anyway, Suzy was so sweet and would want to kiss my hurt finger often.  She'd ask if she could kiss it, pucker up her lips and then move her head a little while she tried to hone in on the hurt spot.  So adorable.

We had family over to watch conference with us.  They reminded us that during the April 2014 conference, Lily was exclaiming, "Its Thomas Monson Day!"

Lily doesn't do this anymore, but she used to call waffles "ruffles."  When we were staying at the Hansen's in Utah this summer, Anna made us some and Lily kept asking for more ruffles.

The other day, I was trying to get lunch finished up and get the girls to quiet time.  We hadn't gone anywhere that morning and Lily said, "Is it a short day?" (meaning that we didn't go on an errand in the morning or anything)  "I hate short days!"

I was doing something the other day - I can't remember what it was - but I remember that it was something where Lily could only watch.  I told her she wasn't old enough to help yet - and she knew that it was true.  She sighed and said, "I wish that I was a Mommy.  I just want some kids now - I want to have my kids right now."  I laughed and told her that when I was a kid, I sometimes wanted to be a Mommy too.  But - there are happy things about being a kid and happy things about being a Mommy, so we should just try to enjoy where we're at.  It didn't seem to help her much, but she looked so cute while she watched me.
Lily was headed off to preschool and was crying because Suzy didn't get to come (Suzy was already in bed for quiet time).  I gave her a hug and said, "I know how hard it is to be away from sisters."  She thought for a second and then said, "But I'm glad that I have her and that she's in our family.  Will she be awake when I get back?"  I told her that Suzy would be awake and then Lily seemed alright.

Lily also loves to say things like, "I am ever such a good big sister."

I quilted yesterday for the first time in a couple weeks (just the cutting step, but still fun).  I've been busy with other things lately and it was so much fun to be just Lily and me.  She helped me stack the different piles of fabric.  Then, when there was no more to stack, she found the pattern I'd sketched (I didn't make it up, just copied a picture) and just held it up.

Ok, and this is my favorite part of this post.  We've started doing this little chart to help the kids take turns with different things and keep track of their jobs.
The girls take turns having "first day" where they get first pick of whatever thing is important to 2 and 3 year olds.  It seemed like whenever Lily wanted this colored cup or that stuffed animal, she got it because we knew Suzy wouldn't make as big of a fuss.  So this was really to give me motivation to enforce letting Suzy have a turn first.  Anyway, this has led to Lily getting pretty good at trying to get what she wants from Suzy.  This was going on yesterday morning in the living room over a stuffed animal that is their favorite right now.  Its actually a dolphin puppet that I had when I was a girl.  The top fin has come off, and they love to put their smaller dolphin inside the puppet, then take it out for the baby to the born.  Hence, the "Mommy whale."  While they were debating,  I just opened the computer, and started transcribing.  The whole ordeal was probably ten minutes, so there were some gaps in between what's written here - but its a pretty good representation.  Enjoy:

Lily: Suzy, can I have the Mommy whale please?

Suzy: No, its mine turn for the mommy whale.

Lily: Suzy, when you don't share you're being selfish.  When you keep all your toys and don't share, that's called selfish.

Suzy: No

Lily: Remember Laman - he was a mean guy.  He killed everyone who tried to kill him.  Are you Laman?

Suzy: Yeah.

Lily:  No - you're Suzy.

Suzy: Oh (seeming to consider this a little more)

Lily:Repenting...you told me that you're sad that you weren't sharing with me.  And you can repent!  You told me you were sad though, that means you can try to repent and share.  Sharing make you happy - remember when Katarina shared her tutu with Daniel Tiger even though it was so hard. (in a singing voice) Shareness, shareness, shareness, shareness makes you happy!  Right now you're feeling sad, (back to talking).  Suz.  Suz....You told me already that you're feeling sad when you weren't sharing.

Suzy: But I'm a mean guy ("mean guy" was said in a deep, guttural voice)

Lily: No you're not.

Suzy: I'm a nice guy? (pause) Remember when I shared my popsicle with Chris, when they were all gone?

Lily: And that made you happy.  So you chose to share.  How about in fifteen minutes it will be my turn?

Suzy: No

Lily: (counting) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.  Ok, its my turn!

Suzy: No

Lily: But I counted to 15!  (laying down, crying and kicking)  

Its now been a few more minutes and to Lily's credit - she is not crying and Suzy still has the mommy whale.

More Apples

 I have been making applesauce and fruit leather all morning.  The truth is that I don't love applesauce much - but I really love apple picking.  We went for Family Night last night and it was so much fun.  The kids love anything where they get to do grown up things.  This farm if just 15 minutes from our house.  There is so much farmland here, its beautiful.  I am always amazed when I take the back roads at how beautiful it is.

 Today I had Lily and Suzy's help moving apples from trays to bowls (a job I made up) but Lily took it very seriously and was working so hard.  I kept all the peels on and there is no added sugar - just 4 pears, some berries and some prunes (because I had left over baby food we needed to go through).

Now I need more canning jars.  My plan is to use the freezer-safe jars for now and just take up some freezer space.
I love this video of Jon with the kids.  This is so Jon - he is always showing them new things and teaching them about the world.  What a great Daddy.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I was going through some old videos and found this one.  So. Stinkin. Cute.

Suzy's first sentence is: "I really miss the balloon, and I was trying to put it, and I didn't got it."

More Utah Pictures

David is Walking

Long Over-Due Utah Pictures

 These pictures aren't really in order or anything, but they were some of the ones taken in Utah.  I miss Summer already.