Monday, September 8, 2014

The Official Move

I was feeling a little discouraged about quilting the other day and was talking to Jon about it.  He asked me, "Well, what do you really want from all this quilting stuff."  I've thought about it a lot and narrowed it down to these two things:

1- I want to keep quilting, without spending so much on the hobby that its hard for our family financially.
2- There are so many tastes and styles with quilts, I want the things I make to go to people who will use them.  I hate the idea of making something and giving it to someone who doesn't really want it.  If I don't know their style well enough, it might sit in a closet forever. order to meet those two things, I'm going to start selling my quilts for the cost of materials instead of trying to make a certain amount an hour for labor.  Its a labor of love right.  So, if there is a quilt you've been wanting but don't have time to make - I'll make it for you :)

I've also decided that I'm going to separate my quilting blog stuff and my family blog stuff.  I always feel a little sheepish posting all these quilting pictures when most of you just want to see pictures of my cute kids.  Now, I can post all the pictures I want guilt-free.  My quilting blog is  Here's one last post to go out with a bang.  (I've been into pillows and bags lately).  (ps - I'll be updating my shop to show cost of materials prices in a little while.  I'm out of computer time today...which means David is trying to bang on the keyboard).