Sunday, June 22, 2014


One of Jon's friends at work asked if we've noticed the girls showing any signs of faith yet.  I'm so glad she did, because its helped me notice their faith.  The other day, we had a sweet experience with Suzy.  She'd been crying every night at her door for a few days.  We were in the car on the way home and we started talking about bed time and how we could lay down in bed and close our eyes and go to sleep.  Suzy started to whimper and we couldn't figure it out.  So, we asked Lily to tell Suzy what she can do if she needs help in her room.  Lily said, "You can ask Heavenly Father for help, if you are scared, you can say a prayer."  That night, Suzy started crying again, so I went in to say a prayer with her.  I prayed that she would know that we love her and that she would feel safe.  I started talking to Suzy after the prayer and she told me she was afraid of the dark.  Of course!  I feel a little silly that we didn't think about that sooner, but I feel like we were helped to be guided to what she needed.  We put a night light in her room, and she has been sleeping normally every since.  

Here is a video of Lily practicing her first talk that she gave in primary about temples and being sealed as families.

Fathers Day

 Family life is the hardest and most joyful thing ever.  Looking at these pictures, and catching some of the really wonderful moments makes me so grateful.  I truly was not prepared for how much pain I would find in my marriage and with my kids, but it is so worth it.  As I'm writing this, Jon has both the girls out of the tub - one on each knee.  They are dressed for church and getting "horsey rides."  He's bouncing his knees and they are giggling and giggling.

 I'm so grateful for how much Jon is invested in our family and our kids.  He really cares about me and about the kids.  He shows is by every minute of his life - which is almost entirely used in serving.  He's at work all day, and when he comes home, we work together on the kids and the house.  He doesn't feel entitled to me doing the house work and cooking, but he's grateful when I do and he helps me when I need it.  For instance, last night we made 8 freezer meals as a family.  It took an hour and a half all together and it was so much fun.

Jon reading a letter from our cousin Jonas.  Suzy had him read it again and again.
A tea party at the library.

 For Fathers Day, we went crazy with the food.  Lily helped me make homemade icecream (she's stirring it in that picture).  We made orange chicken with rice, homemade egg rolls, and homemade berry pie.  It. was. delicious.  

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cute Videos

Summer Parks

We've been going to a lot of parks lately.

 We also try to go visit Jon at work once a week for lunch.  Its so much fun - we all love it.

 Date Night - our new goal is to make these happen.  Its a lot harder without family close (or really...without all my younger siblings who so graciously would babysit for us before) but its worth it.
 This stream is right off a walking path near our house.  Kid heaven.

Gathering Wheat

 My Mother and Father in law recently returned from a mission to the LDS temple in Kyiv Ukraine.  Mom had seen my quilting shop, and had asked if she could buy one.  I told her that when I love to have people get the quilt they want, because then they'll really use it and love it.  That led to a long discussion about what would be the perfect quilt for her - one made from the colors of the Ukrainian flag and with a wheat motif.  In the Kyiv temple, there is a recurring decoration of wheat - to symbolize the gathering of Israel (which simply means, the spreading of Jesus Christs' gospel to all the world).  Here is more of why we go to the temple.  This is a beautiful video that shows you the inside of the temple and what we do in them.
Here's some more of the quilt - I love how it turned out!

 I recently got to go make some visits with the Sister Missionaries in our ward.  I have gone with them a couple of times to teach a few Nepali families who are refugees.  During our last visit, I said, "Maya - I know that God is watching out for you.  I know that He cares about you and is taking care of you."  Right as I said it, a sweet feeling came into the room - the Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit.  I feel it while I'm writing this.  I know that God loves all of His children - no matter who they are or what they've done.  Sometimes, our culture has influenced a practice where earthly parents will disown their children but God never will.  I know He loves you, I know He loves me and I know He always will.  I do not have to earn His love, it is a gift He freely gives.