Thursday, May 15, 2014

Suzy Singing

A lot of the cuteness that Jon and I love about Suzy is really subtle.  In this video she says, "Whaaat?" to Lily's question.  I love this video because she asks "what" like that, in that tone of voice often.
I usually stop the camera rolling when the kids start fighting - but I figured I'd just let them have one video to see some of what it was like.  

Suzy's facial expressions at the end of this video are so great.  Its the faces she makes when she's a little embarassed - or trying not to smile.

Daily Things

Here are some things about our life right now that happen almost every day and that are going to go away soon.  David won't be a baby forever and my girls won't be home from school forever.  I didn't want to forget...

David twirls his ankles when he's excited - which happens most often when I'm about to feed him solid food.  I love it - I love it so much.

This grocery shopping trip started at 8:10 am (which is when we left the house).  Its one of the first times I've gone grocery shopping by myself since I was 5 months pregnant with David.  Even with the early start, he was ready for his morning nap.  Thanks goodness Suzy could entertain him.
 Our kids go to bed early, but before Jon and I go to bed, I try to nurse David one last time so he'll sleep till the morning.  He is always distracted by Jon praying.  He wants to grab his hair, he wants Jon to smile at him.  He also loves to investigate (Jon's ears or nose or eyes) with his pointer finger.  There have been a few painful pokes.
 Suzy isn't a fan of getting her hair done - and today she figured out a solution.  I said, "Suzy, lets do your hair."  She put this pillow on her head, and trudged over to the couch then looked at me with the cutest smirky smile.  She obviously thought that she had won the battle and there was nothing I could do.
 Lily always wants to wear these platform sandals to the park.  I've started just letting her - she takes them off when sores start forming.
 This is Suzy's reaction when I tell her to smile for a picture.
 My girls share all the time.  And they never pick their nose.
And David really does smile almost all the time.  Even for naps.

And this is a drive we make most of the time we leave the house:

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day to Me

We went on a Mothers Day walk today and it was so much fun.  I feel so grateful to be the mother of these three cute kids.  They are so much fun and so adorable.  We are so blessed.
The girls were throwing rocks into the pond and are watching to see them hit the water.  Ps - I'm holding David up while taking this picture.  He can't quite stand on his own yet.

This is where we live right now.  Not edited - just taken with my phone about 5 minutes from my house.  Holy Moly.  This is gorgeous!
Lily and I picked these flowers as we walked.  She often says, "Look - a treasure!"  That's what Grandma taught her.

A few things I feel grateful for...

Date night
David always laughs at my jokes.  I dance for him in the kitchen, I make funny sounds and faces.  I'm so glad he is my little buddy.
A Father who is involved and plays
and plays.
These cute girls
a new shoe rack - I don't know why, but organizing things just makes me happy sometimes.
I've been quilting a lot lately and it really is fun for me.  I'm grateful to be able to buy fabric.

Spring Time in PA

This is the park that is right outside our fenced in patio.  We. Love. It. 

This is the tree in our front yard.  The blossoms are now fallen, but it was so, so pretty for a week.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A very late "Happy Halloween"

I just saw this and realized I never posted it.  I'm so glad that its Spring and not Fall, but these pictures help me feel like someday - I'll be ready for Fall and Winter again.  Jon took these pictures with his phone.

10.31.13 suzy oh no pumpkin from Lauren Terry on Vimeo.

10.31.13 lily suzy halloween costumes from Lauren Terry on Vimeo.

10.31.13 lily suzy halloween cookies from Lauren Terry on Vimeo.

10.31.13 suzy talking from Lauren Terry on Vimeo.

11.2.13 david giggling from Lauren Terry on Vimeo.

Cutie Suzy

Yesterday I was sitting right outside the bathroom door while the girls were bathing.  I was sitting with my back to the wall and ironing some quilting pieces I've been working on.  Suzy got out of the tub and came to stand by me for a minute.  She is so cute.  She's still got her pear-shaped baby belly and she just stood there with her hand on my shoulder.

Suzy: What you doooooin Mom?
Mom: Oh, just quilting.
Suzy: Oh. I-run-ing? (that's how she says ironing)
Mom: Yep
Suzy: (singing) Twinkle, Twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.  Up above the world so high, in the dark blue sky you keep, watching over while I sleep.
Another pause
Suzy: (sighs) Its a beautiful song.

Then she turns around and treads back into the bathtub.  She is just so cute.  Lately she is into jumping and when she gets to the bottom stair while coming down into the living room, she bends both her knees, hunches down and then jumps with her feet spread.  When she lands she also bends down low with her knees.  It makes me wonder what extra curricular things she'll choose to do.  There is a lot of natural athlete in her.

Today while Lily was a preschool the rest of us went to visit Jon at work.  Suzy was so tickled to be the biggest girl.  We were walking around the capital building (which is right across the street from Jon's work) and Suzy was so happy to walk in the middle of us.  I tried to go over on Jon's right so I might be able to hold his hand, but Suzy came back to be in the middle and just smiled and giggle up at us.

Although Suzy had such a fun time today - she also loves being with Lily.  They have been playing with dress-ups lately.  Suzy also will try to anticipate whatever Lily is saying, and then jump in at the end of the work to echo, or maybe "voice-over" would be a better description, lily's words.

Lately, Suzy has been asking me to "Go back into your tummy."  We were talking about how they used to be in there and then they were born.  Since then, she'll say, "pleeeeease go back in your tummy?" in a kind of whiny voice.  I've tried telling her that I really can't make that happen (and wouldn't if I could).

Ok, so one cute Lily thing:
Whenever Lily goes poo poo in the toilet, she gets to have a sucker.  She is now old enough to push the chair up to the counter, climb up and open the cabinet, and get her own sucker, then put it all away.  I was just writing the post above and she had been fumbling with the suckers for a while.  I called out, "Hey Lily - only one sucker, ok."  She answered, "But Mom, I'm trying to figurey out which one, ok."  I love how she says, "figurey out."  She does it all the time.  :)