Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Outfits

Cutie curls

Thanks to Aunt Abby for the cute suspenders and bowtie David wore.  

And here are some where everyone got tired of taking pictures...

I didn't tell Suzy to do this - she started doing it to tease me.  Yup, she's a smart one.

Easter Fun

 This year we did the annual Hershey Easter egg hunt...

planted flowers in the back yard (mostly to try to keep the girls from getting so muddy back there.  We figured that flowers might keep them from tromping around in the dirt so much, but don't worry, they is a separate sand box)...
 following our Terry family tradition - we had a BBQ and our own hunt for baskets on Saturday....
We let Lily hide Suzy's eggs and basket - they both liked that.

Our kids love ketchup almost as much as I did at their age (so far no one has sneaked into the fridge and drank a bottle behind my back) 

Drinking from a sippy - growing up!
and I made the kids an Easter outfit - but I'm going to put all those pictures in their own post, because I took a ton.  We had a great Easter.  Lily saw a picture of the crucifixion in the Gospel Art book we have and just looked at it.  She said, in a concerned voice, "Mom, Jesus is stuck up there."  I told her that it was mean for them to do that to Jesus, but that He wasn't stuck up there anymore.  He was all done with the really hard thing He had to do.  She's so sweet.

Washington DC

 This last weekend Jon had Friday off, so we went down on Thursday and did a temple trip, slept in a hotel, and toured some of Washington DC.  We barely missed the cherry blossoms - maybe next year.
The kids were most excited to sleep in a hotel and secondly excited to ride of the train (the metro/subway)

Suzy took this picture.
Natural History Museum - Lily has been really into a humpback whale Diego episode, so that whale on the ceiling was a high light.
But the food court was pretty fun too.
Suzy always swings her left arm when she runs, or whenever she is walking to time out, or just really determined to get somewhere.
Lily got tired of walking, and we got quite a few smiles when people saw our stroller set up.
Capital Building in the background.
WWII memorial - this was a very sacred place.

We really enjoyed the Lincoln Memorial too.  Instead of waiting in line to use the elevator - we took turns going up.  
 In the Lincoln Memorial - they have the Gettysburg Address etched into the stone on the left, and his Second Inaugural Address etched on the right.  It was beautiful to read - but Lily was getting just a little impatient to get going.

And when it was all said and done, we were all pooped, but I'm still glad we went. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our first house

Ok, just a few more working pictures for journaling purposes...

Those long boxes in the background are what all our IKEA cabinets used to look like.  They seem kind of ominous to me.
Rain forecasted on our last day of working - good thing Dad is used to Eastern Washington.  Can't let the rain stop you.
Here are some pictures of the house at 2 pm of the day we were supposed to move in. 
and this...
and this...
and this...looking at these pictures seeems like a time warp.  I'm so glad to be on this side of our remodel.
First night in the new house - and the only pot we could find was this one.  Nothing like a huge pot of mush to get you going...if you're Jon. 

First morning in the new house - I love our sunrise view. 
Nothing like a 3 year old to help with the finishing touches.
Mom is an absolute master of home-making.  I shouldn't be surprised, because this job isn't new to her, but I was amazed at her ability to get dinner on the table, play with the kids and pack at the old house while we worked at the new one.  I was so grateful for every meal and for all the fun the kids had.  They sang and made princess tents and danced and learned finger games.  "Where is thumbkin" is their favorite.

And now, what you're all been waiting for (or at least what the Mom's have been waiting for - a walk through at the house is now.  I didn't mention it in the video but I'm pretty excited about my sewing desk.  I made it using a pattern from and it was so much fun.  Jon helped me learn how to cut the wood and everything.  I'm really looking forward to having my own little sewing spot.

Our #1 favorite thing about our new house is all the natural light!  There is way more then our last place.  #2 favorite is the kitchen.  I. Love. It.  We feel so blessed and taken care of - so grateful for all the people who helped make this happen.  A big thanks to both our parents, who came out and stayed with us to work on it and take care of grandkids.  We couldn't have done it without you.  

Thursday, April 10, 2014

One day at a time

\This speaks for itself - so what i just wrote was redundant. :)

In Terry-kid cuteness updates:

I was helping Suzy with a prayer and it went like this
Mom: Thank you for...
Suzy: the horsey (david's baby toy)
Mom: Thank you for...
Suzy: the pot (their play kitchen pot that also happened to be on the floor)
Mom: thank you for...
Suzy: his eyes (referring to the horsey)
Mom: Help us...
Suzy: to be patient.

Suzy has also said thank you for the door, the temple and all of the family - so sweet.  Suzy's latest phrases are, "That's cool!"  "Maybe I try it."  

Lily was singing in the car yesterday:
"The itsy-bitsy spider went up the water spout.  Down came the rain and plopped on the top of his head."  She made it work in the meter pretty well.