Friday, March 28, 2014

House Teaser

We're moved!  Well, we haven't turned in our old keys yet, and there are still some things in the old garage but we're really close.  It feels so good.  I just have a bit more painting and caulking to do before I post pictures and do a house walk through.  Here are a few more pictures of Mom and Dad being here.  It was so so great to be together for so long and we could never have finished without their days and days of help.  Thank you!  

Can you see what this is - yep - Dad standing on the back of the truck, in the rain, while its driving.  And yes, I took this picture while I was driving.  Just wanted to get as close to dangerous as possible.

Did any of you grow up watching Lamb Chops?  Because, while I was painting I thought, "Man, this is the paint job that never ends."  Then I had, "This is the song that never ends" stuck in my head for a couple days.  Now you will too.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

House Update

We walked out the front door of our new house on Saturday and Jon pointed these out and I gasped.  I was so excited.  Yeah for Spring coming!
We almost replaced this whole window before realizing we could just scrape off the pretend stained glass.  Glad we didn't make that $750 mistake.
Epoch family trip to Baltimore IKEA. It was an 8 hour round trip, but the girls loved it. Having a section where all the kids can play with the toys they sell is genius.  We almost couldn't fit all the stuff in the car.  I said a prayer and then we found some very creative places to put the final things.  I also prayed the whole way home that we wouldn't get in a wreck - because it would've been extra bad.
Our IKEA trip was followed by a few days of constant cabinet assembly.  I would just set up shop down in the basement with the kids and the cheerios.  

Nanee and Papa have arrived!  The girls were playing with Nanee all day Saturday while we worked and worked.  Mom and Dad Terry's work ethic is amazing - even with jet lag they were going all day.
This is our friend Levi who has taken us under his wing and taught us so much.  He used to do cabinets and counter tops for a living and we have been so blessed to have hours and hours of his help.  

Laying the floor took all day Saturday.  We were rookies or it would've gone faster.  Sometimes we would damage pieces, and not notice until the next row - which meant we had to take it all out, replace the damaged piece and do it again.  We still have a closet to do and a few tricky corners but it was really empowering to be able to do it.
The dining room is the first room to be almost done!  I love the color on the walls - Its "Silver Drop" by Behr and we did the trim in Ultra Pure White.

For anyone interested - this shows how you hand IKEA cabinets.  You put up that rail, then slide in those screws that stick out - and when you assemble the cabinet box, it has two holes in the back that you stick them through.  We're really really grateful again for Levi's help.
Happy Anniversary - the kids and I surprised Jon with a finger painted picture.  We still need to take a picture (I'll have Jon post that later).

Macaroni Grill - We were talking about kitchen cabinets for a lot of this date. 

Its a new family tradition to have cake and a family present on our anniversary.  This year we got a parachute and balls to bounce around on the top (like in elem school...only the parachute isn't as big). 
Cute kiddos