Saturday, February 8, 2014

House progress

For those we haven't told - we bought a town house across the street.  It was a super long, hard process (a short sale) but we're excited.

More pictures to come - we didn't take an after picture of the big open room yet - but its really satisfying to stand in there.  The videos will have to be good enough for now.

Galley Kitchen before we knocked out a wall.  You couldn't open the fridge all the way because it hit the counter on the other side - not acceptable.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Phase 4

Now you can knock out a wall too ;)

Thanks to Elder Clark, Allred, Doyle and Farnsworth

Old school wallpaper at the bottom of the kitchen dry wall

Thursday, February 6, 2014


I was driving Lily to her preschool today and Suzy was in the back being so cute!  I wish I could do her mannerisms justice...but I can't.  They have to be seen and heard.  Suzy was singing along with our new favorite CD.  "Tinkle tinkle liddle stah."  I love being her Mommy - its so much fun.

Jon was reading "Are you my mother" to the girls with a lot of drama and enthusiasm.  Suzy was gripped and so into the book.  Jon said when he finally got to the end and the bird found his mother she sighed and settled into him, then said, "ahhh...I like it."

Suzy is catching onto all the little phrases we use.  When Lily asks her for something she'll respond with, "maybe later."  She also has this little laugh that is my favorite.  "hu-hah!" (the second syllable is two octaves higher than the first).  Tonight after I put Suzy to bed, she kept trying to get me to stay longer by saying, "One second." or "I need..."

Lily has been having really fun dialogues lately.  The other morning this was our conversation right when she came out of her room:
Lily: Mom, Heavenly Father helped me in the night (her eyes get wide) when I was very scary
Mom: What were you scared of?
Lily: A spider or a ladybug, I was very scary (she's shaking her fists a little)
Mom: Oh, where was it?
Lily: I was very carefully of it on the wall, (her voice is getting higher) but Heavenly Father helped me not be scary!
Then she pranced away to play with David.  There was probably a stink bug on her wall.  So sweet.

Last week this was her conversation with Jon.  Maybe there are two many inside things going on here to have this make sense, but Jon and I will get it in 10 years at the very least.  This has a mixture of two of her favorite things right now.  Dora and this song (if you listen to the little clip, this will make more sense).
Lily: (Talking like Dora when they're about to go somewhere) Bridge, town, nation!
Dad: Lily, what's a nation?
Lily: Um...its a town.
Dad: Well whats a town?
Lily: A stip-per (she's been making up a bunch of nonsense words lately)
Dad: (laughing) What's a stip-er?
Lily: (holding up her finger like she's scolding Jon) Its a town!

When Lily was crying last week she said, as she was crying, "Mom, why does I always get lots and lots a' boogers when I cry?"

By the way - this CD is the one that has Lily's favorite song on it.  My kids call it the "family CD."  I heard Lily singing, "Children, family, that's the way its meant to be." and became a fan of that CD.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Freezing Rain Day

We've had crazy weather here.  I'd seen freezing rain last year, but not as bad as this.

Random squirrel in our front yard.  
 This is a picture of the tree outside my window from last year.  Before the storm:

After - I'm so sad.  Isn't this tree just the saddest thing you've seen all day?  Its completely encased in ice.

The good news is that we had hot chocolate - pretty good way to cope.

Not sure which is more fun - the tea party or doing the dishes after (and getting completely soaked).

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cuties and Cameras

David is adorable - he's so cute it almost hurts.  We don't have a nice camera yet, so I haven't taken pictures of the kids posing.  I realized yesterday that I should at least take pictures with the camera I do have.  Here it is - what the luck of my point-and-shoot camera could give me.  It had an infuriating delay because the battery was also running low.

I didn't let him bonk his head on purpose, but it sure made a cute picture.

Suzy mid-jump


 When we first told my family we were moving to Hershey, PA my Dad had looked up how close it was to sites on the East Coast.  Top of the list was Gettysburg, just 50 min away.  My Dad loves history, and the Civil War is is something he has learned a lot about.  We spent time at a big complex, but realized that everything cost a lot of money ($13 for a 17 min video?)  Anyway, we really wanted to just go and see Little Round Top.  And it'd recently the road was closed.  We parked at the bottom and got to walk up.  It didn't take that long, but it was freezing.  I think it was more fun that way though - I loved walking to the top and it was sobering to think of men racing to gain the high ground on that little hill.  I'm so grateful to live in America.  I've been to Valley Forge and Gettsyburg now and both  places have a very sacred atmosphere.  So many families sacrificed so much, and I feel how blessed we are when I'm at those spots.

Dad Tyler with the statue of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (did I spell that right Dad?)  On the second day of the battle at Gettysburg, his men were the end of the line and used a great tactical move referred as the "swinging gate" to hold the Union line.  My Dad taught us all about it before we went :)
Both of us are wearing hats my Mom knit for us.  

Grandma and Grandpa Visit

My parents came to visit for a week and a half!  We had so much fun.  It turned out to be a tender mercy for everyone.  We originally bought their tickets to help out with a house we were planning to buy - but then closing got pushed back.  However, my Uncle Arnold was getting married (he's my Mom's older brother) in Michigan the same weekend.  So, we made a trip up to see Arnold and Susan sealed, which was wonderful.  When we got back, we were told that we could weed the back yard but that was it.  While we were doing that, the listing agent came and said it'd be ok to go in a clean.  It was such a blessing!  We were able to get a ton of prep work done that took an entire week on its own.  My Mom scrubbed the whole place down, my Dad spackled and sanded and textured the walls.  Thanks so much Mom and Dad Tyler!

Family Night with popcorn and a fire - everyone's favorite.

The rest are pictures from the wedding - I can't believe I forgot to get one of Arnold, Susan and family.  But I'll update this post when I have it...I know Arnold's photographer took one.