Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Video Schmideo

My brother in law makes some really great apps for toddlers.  Here's a shout out to the Hansen's and the girls testing out his latest cowboy app.

Lily has been growing up fast - and asking to do things that I'm not so sure about. I'm a little worried it'll make a big mess, but then she says (in a very sweet voice) "Mom, can I just try?" And I give in. Here is a video of one such event. She does pretty good though.

Washington DC Temple Lights

Waiting for Daddy to come out from doing some temple work.

And this is how all these kinds of trips end - but its worth it.

Two out of three slept on the way home - pretty good.


Abby and Mary came out for Thanksgiving.  It was such a miracle - Mary had been really ill up to a couple days before she was supposed to come.  With some fasting and prayer, she was able to feel well enough last minute to catch her flight.  We're all so grateful!
Chocolate world.  That house behind us is made entirely out of chocolate and licorice. 
I'm pretty sure that when Aunt Abby visits, David is held for 15 hours out of every day.  They both love it.
Aunt Mary and Suzy became special buddies.  Suzy could really feel how much Mary loves her.

We went to Ben and Kristen's in Baltimore for Thanksgiving Dinner.  People in attendance (I forgot to get a picture) Uncle Ben, Aunt Kristen, cousins: Autumn, Naoma, Lael, Uncle Arnold, cousin Hunter, Abby, Mary, Jon, Lauren, Lily, Suzy, David.  
Mary and Autumn...Mary had been asleep, but couldn't keep a straight face when she saw I was taking a picture.
The night before Abby and Mary went home, reality hit and we had a homework night.  Jon and Mary are working on Chemistry.  Abby was doing fractals I think - Jon may have learned more from Abby then he was able to teach her.  It was fun.  Oh, and I provided Mary with a little song to help her remember something for her test.  It reminded me of when Anna and I used to do that.  I'm the queen of little annoying songs for memorizing.

Arnold, Jon and I did a session at the Temple.  Then Hunter, Mary, Arnold and Jon went back to do baptisms.  Abby watched the kiddos.

Sigh, we had so much fun.  Can't wait to see my Mom and Dad in one week and Jon's parents in early March.  Yipee!

Oh, and we had a fire in our fireplace and sang carols while eating white chocolate popcorn.  Lily loved it - and so did the rest of us.


My friend Deb Almoney joined us - she has a beautiful soprano voice.