Friday, July 19, 2013

Utah Trip

The reason for the visit - Stephen and Nyrie's wedding!  We're so happy that Nyrie is now officially a Tyler.  We love you guys.

We miss In N Out

Hike up by Big Springs Park

Nothing like Grandma's pancakes...I've tried to recreate them and I'm not just happy to have hers when I get them.

Jon and I had a getaway up in Midway.  They had this romantic little lake you could paddle around in.  Jon made it a little less romantic by wanting to attack the birds.

We got to visit a lot of dear friends - this is Amy and me holding the quilt I made for their newest sweetheart - Renee
Grandma and Grandpa's tramp is the best...especially when Dad is around.

Lily makes an exceptional Lion

A Costco trip - just like the good old days.  Anna and I used to do this a lot together.

Singing songs with Anna and staying at Jonas and Gwen's house

6.13.13 someone was a prophet from Lauren Terry on Vimeo.

Bible Videos

I love these Bible Videos.  Here is the website with all the other clips. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

More of sweet baby David

This was taken about 5 minutes after David was born.  I look a lot like my Mom in this picture.

Meeting David for the first time

David is on the Billy Ruben blanket for the weekend.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Super Lily!

Summer Fun

On our way to the ward 4th of July Breakfast

We've been really into cookies lately.  The girls LOVE making cookies together.

This is us right after we locked ourselves on the back porch (its screened in) and had to yell someone down to help us get off.  They called our land lord who came and unlocked the doors for us.
Adam (Jon's brother) and Michelle's family came to visit the weekend of June 22.  It was so much fun to be together and play games and talk.  Spencer chased Lily and Suzy which they loved.