Monday, December 31, 2012

Ever have this happen?

We're looking for a house.

Friday, December 28, 2012

PA Travel Log

Hello to family and anyone else who's interested in our Pennsylvania Adventure.  For those of you who may not know, we took a job in Harrisburg and flew out yesterday.  I just wanted to write down all the little details that my Mom and Mother-in-law will desperately want to hear...and anyone else who wants to can read it to.  But Moms...this is for you.  We were also so blessed yesterday and as I was writing in my "how I've seen the Lord's hand in my life" journal, I was so grateful for how He took care of us.

First off, the roads to the airport were snowy.  I was so grateful my Dad was driving (even though I covered my eyes a few times because snow driving stresses me.  Its worse than a haunted house ride).  We got there and took a little while to check in our 6 bags (including 2 car seats and a stroller) and by the time we got up to the security/TSA was 7:45, our flight was boarding and the line went through all the twisty-turnies and then straight back for a hundred feet.  We got in the line and I said, "if we miss our flight...we just have to pay for another one huh."  We decided to just spend our time in line talking about who was going to do what once we got to the place to unload.  Miracle #1: when we got up to the place where they check your drivers license to make sure that you match your boarding pass...Jon's license was expired!  Luckily, he'd also brought his passport so that he'd be able to prove that he can legally work in the US.  I remember when we talked about him bringing his pass port and I'm so grateful because if he'd only brought his expired license and his ss card...he wouldn't be able to start work on Jan 2nd like we've been planning on (not to mention he wouldn't be able to fly).  I was so so grateful.   So by the time we got up there, we were hurrying.  I asked my parents to pray for us that we'd make our flight.  Well they were really great at pushing the line through and we made it to the other side and were running to our gate at 8:10/8:15.  We got there just in time to be in the pre-boarding phase and even though diapers had to be changed we made it!   

The girls did great on the flights.  Lily did cry for some of the time on the first, longer flight but Suzy didn't at all.  I was afraid that take off would scare Lily, but she liked seeing the other airplanes on the run way.  Once they turned off the seat belt sign, the girls had a great time playing on the ground together or just moving inbetween Jon and me (we had a row of 3 seats to ourselves).  Towards the end of the flight, Lily started to have a really hard time.  I held her and read a book to her 9 times, then Jon suggested singing, so I did and she fell asleep for the last 15 minutes of the flight.  She was so exhausted from getting up at 5:30 that morning.  

When we got to our layover in Detroit, we only have 50 minutes before our next flight was taking off.  So, we jumped in a line for some food and again were running to make sure we got there in time.  This flight was shorter and the girls both did great.  Suzy fell asleep while we were taxiing on the runway and slept almost the entire time.  This plane only had 2 seats in a row, so Jon and Lily were behind me.  Lily loved it and was so happy - it felt like a Daddy daughter date to her.  Lily hadn't been scared at all the entire day, until we started our second descent.  Jon had been looking out the window the entire time with her.  There was a wall of clouds and once we were through it and could see the ground, he said Lily started shaking and was really scared.  She said, "shut the window" and Jon thought to himself, "what a smart little girl I have.  She figured out how to solve her problem," then he shut the cover, she sat on his lap, and again she fell asleep for the last fifteen minutes.  However, this time as we got off the plane and got our stroller, she stayed asleep and didn't wake up until we got into the rental car.  

Here comes the next Miracle of the day...#2.  We got the rental car (which only I can drive since Jon's license it broken...but I'm glad because then it forces me to try to get a handle on the roads).  Anyway...we got the rental car and had printed google maps directions from the airport to our temporary apartment, then from the apt to someone in the ward who is lending us two porta cribs, then back to our apartment.  It should be easy to follow - but it wasn't.  The directions said "merge" onto the freeway, instead of saying "take this exit."  They don't have exit numbers out here...just exit names and there are 2 interstate highways and some in-state highways that all connect in Harrisburg...some just turn into a different highway and its super confusing.  So, we got lost after just a few minutes.  We got off, tried to stop feeling so stressed and got back on the freeway.  I figured we'd just drive around for a while until the lady from the apt complex answered her phone.  I was praying - we knew the name of the exit we needed, but we weren't 100 % sure which highway we were on and how to get to the one we needed (maybe Jon knew, but I didn't) and we didn't know which direction we were heading.  I prayed as I drove and in 5 minutes - there was the exit!  Then we could follow the directions really easily.  What a blessing!  

Well after a more successful trip picking up the porta cribs, a long walmart shopping trip, and getting somewhat settled in, we made it to bed by midnight (10 pm utah time).  Lily LOVES being in a new place.  She gets really giddy and excited.  She acted this way when we stayed at a condo in the Tetons with family this last year.  That being said...she's already asked to go to Anna's house twice and asked to go to Grandma's once.  :)  So sweet, and it kinda makes me want to cry but its ok.  

Just some points of interest:
1- I was telling someone from the car rental place my address.  (823 E 820 N)  She said, "what kind of an address is that?"  I responded, "Its a utah address"  I'm already realizing that the twisty roads and only having road names to go off of is going to take quite a while to get used to.  But, its fun and its beautiful.  The trees are all dead now, but spring is going to be gorgeous.  

2- they told us we have a no smoking apartment...but there was an ash tray in our bedroom and i keep getting whiffs of something funny.  i'll just keep the air freshener pumping.

3- we'll probably go out driving and try to see some apartments today.  i really wanted to get one chosen today or tomorrow when i was in utah. but now that we're here...i'm feeling like it might be ok if we take longer.  i can be here with the girls for a while if it just takes longer for us to find a place we really feel good about. (that being said...i still really want to live in hershey).  we drove out to hershey last night to get the porta cribs and i just love that town.  its got a more small-town feel than where we are now.  

4- the houses are all older and a lot of people park on the street, a lot of them not having garages.  i realized that i've associated those things with lower income neighborhoods that i don't feel as safe in.  but...out here, the houses that are like that are really well taken care of and i think its just because this is an older area.  i'll get used to it.  


alright, we'll the girls are up so i'm signing off.  love you all!  thanks for all your prayers and help.  and especially - thanks to my Mom and Dad who finished up with helping the movers get our stuff out of our house and did the final clean up.  thank you!