Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Sorry for the annoying noises I'm making...they made her laugh.





For those of you who see this in an automatic email...you have to go to my actual blog to see it.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Random Fun

 My Mom and little brother were in a Stake Play.  My Mom played Amanda...something who prayed for help to heal her boy's hip.  The story is in this talk.
 Jon and I are learning how to do more dates at home with two kids.  For this date, we had dinner and a dance in the living room - super fun.  

 We've done it!  Both our girls slept in the same room...for only two nights...but now we know it can be done.  Lily LOVED having Suzy in the same room as her and the last couple nights when I've had Suzy in my room again, she will ask me about it by pointing and saying, "baby?"
 Jon stayed home from work on Friday for a random vacation day.  We made a fort and watched the new Muppets movie together (the movie was alright but now amazing like Muppet Treasure Island or anything). 

 We found this bumper sticker on our car yesterday.  Lily was so upset.  Thanks to Anna and Russell for a good April Fools Joke.