Friday, February 24, 2012

Everyday Things

With the work of a new baby, I found myself looking forward to our anniversary celebrations a lot.  I would think about it a lot, about where we'd go for dinner and what I'd wear...etc, etc.  I realized that while there is nothing wrong with being excited for a date - perhaps I was putting too much emphasis on this one date.  I was feeling like the world would stop and that all my problems would be solved.  Well, if that's your expectation for any date you'll probably be disappointed.  As I thought about it, I understood that when we celebrate our anniversary, we're not celebrating going to fancy restraunts...we only do that a couple times a year.  We're celebrating the everyday kind of things that make our marriage and our lives so beautiful.  We're celebrating all the work, expressions of love, dirty diapers, dishes, organic compounds Jon reviews at his job, laundry and the fun that we have as a family everyday.  If it weren't for all those little things piled up - we'd have nothing to celebrate.  I want to learn how to just enjoy the work that Jon and I have to do together. 

Another idea along those lines: Every evening, he'd come home and I would feel a sort of rush to get dinner made, cleaned up, baths given to the girls, and get them to bed so we could have some quality time together.  But, then I realized that the whole evening could and should be quality time together if we were going to be happy doing this for years and years.  I've tried to enjoy the little daily things more and its made life wonderful.  Thank you Jon for all of the incredible experiences we've shared in the last two years.  Here are some pictures of those daily things.

This once was Teriyaki Chicken.  I haven't burned anything this badly in a long time...made for a good laugh


I get to see these cute feet everyday.  Man, am I lucky.
I'm often holding Suzy in the sling when I'm cooking.  Lily loves to do it too.

Jon often ends up with both girls on his lap while I get dinner ready.


No More, No Less

"Elder Robert E. Wells said: “Sometimes we go many years with no problems, and then they seem to come all at once, and the burdens seem to be more than we can bear. But through it all, we have two main strengths to rely on: (1) We knew before we came that it would be like this, yet we wanted to come because the blessings of remaining faithful to the end would earn us eternal exaltation. (2) We will never be tempted beyond our ability to resist” (New Era, June 1978, 5)." Retrieved from this webpage.

I was praying the other night and was comforted with the thought that God will not tempt us (and I add: give us trials) above that which we're able to handle (1 Cor 10:13).  Right after that, the thought came, "yes, but He also won't give us less than we need to become like Him."  Just as any parents want their children to grow up and become independent adults, our Heavenly Father desires for us to become like Him.  Sometimes I wish I could take all the hard things away from my girls, so they wouldn't have to deal with it.  But, this wouldn't really be an act of love - it would be crippling for them.

In education there is a principle called the gradual release of responsibility.  This is just what it sounds like, gradually (based on the needs of a student) allowing the student to learn to do a task by themselves.  Its a careful balancing act that a teacher utilizes to maximize the students ability to learn and to eventually become independent.  I'm re-learning that many trials are expressions of love and confidence from our Father in Heaven.  He won't give us more trials than we need, but because His love is real, He won't give us less either.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Two Years!

 Nothing says Happy Anniversary like cross country skiing.  We got to go at a discounted price since Jon's a BYU employee and they run Aspen Grove.  There were enough spots with little hills that we got the chance to fall down at first and then learn not to.  I can see why skiing is so expensive...I'd love to be able to pay for it someday.  

Also, here is a cute video of the first smile of Suzy's that we caught on tape.  

Happy Family

Needless to say - I love my sisters new camera and the pictures she takes with it.

Suzanne Marie Terry

 Our little Suzy-girl
Born Dec 27, 2012 at 9:31 pm.  7 pounds 15 ounces, 19 inches long.