Sunday, February 27, 2011

What is true love?

When your husband gives up his Sunday afternoon nap so you can have one. Thanks Jon - I sure love you. This is a picture that Anna sneaked when she was here the other day.

Friday, February 25, 2011

diy Skirts

For a Relief Society project, we made these cutes little skirts. They’re so easy and so fun – you get the pay off of a cute skirt relatively quickly.

Step 1: Measure your little girl’s waist and cut waist band that length.

Step 2: Cut out the skirt material (in my pictures, the green fabric). For the length of your fabric, double the size of you girl’s waist. For the width, measure from her waist to the top of her knee.

Step 3: Cut out the trim and waistband (the yellow fabric). Again, for the length double the size of your girl’s waist. You will cut out two strips 2-4 inches wide depending on how much trim you want. For the skirt Lily is wearing, I cut out two strips 2 inches wide.

Step 4: Sew the smaller strips onto the top and bottom of your wider fabric (yellow onto the green) right sides together and then iron open

Step 5: fold one yellow strip down half way and iron – this will become the casing for the waist band (as pictured). Fold the remaining yellow strip down ¼ an inch an iron – this will be the bottom of the skirt. Sew along the edge closest to the inside that you just folded down.

Step 6: String waist band through the top of the skirt

Step 7: Turn the skirt inside out so rights sides are together and sew the open edges.

Ta da! Actually, when I tried writing down all the steps it made it seem complicated – probably just one look at the picture is better then trying to figure out all those steps.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I was making skirts today and it made me start thinking about what it would be like to make all of the clothes that my family wore. Sometimes I’m tempted to think that a woman’s purpose 150 years ago was greater than my purpose as a house wife now. In a farming life style, the woman had to do the chores of cleaning, cooking and making clothes, etc, without modern conveniences. If they did not stay home then those things wouldn't get done and the family wouldn't survive.
In today's society, the husband goes to work and makes money. I use the money to buy the food, to buy the clothes, to buy appliances to do the cleaning faster. So, doesn't it make sense that if I were going to help our family I would go to work and make money to aid in those things? I started talking to Jon about it at lunch and we came to the conclusion that the way you view this issue is based on whether you're just looking at physical survival or spiritual survival.
In my opinion, a woman's most important work 150 years ago was not making clothes but nurturing her children and teaching them truth. That purpose is the same for me as it was for my Great Grandma Ida who raised her family on a ranch. My children's need for me to stay at home and give them an education (emotional, physical, academic and especially a spiritual education) is perhaps greater then it was 150 ago. This conversation also helped me understand why so many women today don't value staying home as much as they used to. Maybe they feel like they would help their children more by providing for their physical needs through a career. 150 years ago, women helped the family survive while the children were home and taught them how to sew and cook etc. If I didn't know what I do about nurturing my children spiritually, I might feel that a career would be the best option for my family, especially during economically hard times. However, I know that my family is blessed the most by me staying home and being with my kids. My purpose, my goals in life are almost the same as any woman who has every lived. I have a great work to do and I am doing it.
First picture: My Great Great Grandma Haskell.
Middle picture: My Grandpa Tyler is the youngest in this picture...(is that right Dad?) I know he's one of those boys.
Third picture: My Grandpa Haskell is the boy on the left.

Disclaimer: Having a stay at home mom is the ideal but I realize that many families aren't able to have that luxury. If you aren't able to stay at home, know that I'm not judging you and that I believe that Heavenly Father will help you make up the difference.


I was listening to this song in the car the other day and this line stood out to me:

"If you hate the taste of wine,
Why do you drink it till you're blind?
And if you swear that there's no truth and who cares
Why do you say it like you're right?"

It just made me so grateful for all of the knowledge that I have and for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So many people are so confused and they want happiness but they believe Satan's lies on how to find happiness. It also reminded me of this essay that Jon wrote. Some of you may have read it because I already sent it to the Terry's.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daddy's Girl

While I was making that wedding video, I realized how much Lily looks like Jon. Both of the above pictures are Lily.
Above: Jon
I think she looks a lot more like Jon as a baby then me as a baby...its the face shape.
Below: Lauren

Monday, February 21, 2011

One Year!

Jon and I celebrated our first year anniversary this weekend. It was so much fun and we spread it out over a couple days since Lily won't take a bottle and we couldn't really go anywhere for too long. We went out to eat at In N Out on Friday and then got a Great Wall of Chocolate from PF Changs. We also went to see the new Harry Potter movie. On Saturday we went out to eat at Chef's Table (courtesy of Luke's Christmas Present - Thanks!) It was delicious and really fun to be at a fine dining restaurant. We asked the waiter which spoon we were supposed to use and it turns out that they had set our table wrong - we had two dessert spoons instead of a soup spoon and a dessert spoon. He didn't realize that we were just kidding and sincerely didn't know which one to use. We also tried some cheesy french soup and I couldn't get the cheese to fit in my mouth like a lady. Good thing Jon and I weren't on a first date - phew.

For my present, Jon has had me leave the house for a few hours at a time over the last week. I was so curious to find why I'd have to leave. Turns out Jon taught himself how to play the guitar and learned a song for me. Needless to say, he's pretty good at coming up with great gifts on a college budget. I put together a wedding video since the one we had at our reception has been misplaced.

Wow, who knew how many crazy things could happen in one year. I'm so grateful that Jon and I are married and that we've already been able to help each other through so much. I think pregnancy puts any marriage to the test and really strengthens a couple. And then, the pay off of having Lily be part of our family has made our love for one another grow exponentially. I love you Jon. Thanks for being my best friend.

Here is my present to Jon - our wedding video. I know it looks like its featuring Jon and Ginger...but thats just the picture it chose by default. :)

The Latest Fashion

Jon and I had a conversation today that went something like this:

Lauren: Hey, could you put these clothes on Lily?

Jon: What? That old lady shirt?

Lauren: No, that cute trendy shirt.

Jon: Oh. Sometimes I get the two confused.

Sigh, fashion sense Jon – come on! (This picture wasn't the actual clothes, but I wish it was)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

We made heart pizzas on Valentines Day and exchanged small presents. Jon gave me chocolate (smart man) and I made a little onsie for Lily that says, "Daddy's little Lily Bug." Jon calls her his Lily bug all the time.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I love my husband...

...and one of the reasons is because he does things like this. Sigh. We're good for each other.

Come look at this!

I'll often hear Jon say, "Hey come look at this!" And...I'll see things like this.

I guess she isn't screaming.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Celebration

Since Valentine's Day is only one week before our anniversary, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day on October 23rd (the day of our first date). However, I lucked out because we decided that after we'd already made plans for this weekend.

First, we brought Lily to Macaroni Grill with us and she did great. She had a messy diaper while we were there and I asked Jon to change it while I finished choosing what to order. Wouldn't you know it...they didn't have a changing table in the mens restroom! What do they think this is? Sexist restaurant...

After that, Aaron babysat for us while we went to a Valentine's Dance our stake was putting on for adults. It was so much fun! The DJ played a lot of big band music so we had a great time and Jon even wore his uncomfortable tux shoes for me because I wanted to dress up.

Rub a dub dub

These pictures don't do it justice, but Lily LOVES the tub. She smiles the most in the tub and yells when we get her out.

You might enjoy this more is you mute the sound...I'm talking in a high pitched voice the whole time.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Keeping with the Terry Tradition of road trips in January...last weekend we went to Idaho to hear our nephew Steven give his farewell talk. It was so much fun! Brandon and Steven gave up their room for our little family and there was good food and great company the whole time. Steven gave an excellent talk with a powerful testimony. I'm excited for his companions and for the people he'll teach. He is such a humble, great guy who is excited to share the gospel. Thanks for being such a great example Steven and thanks Anderson's for letting us come!
The "dog park" with Naomi - Champ is running around somewhere

Lily did great in the car - slept most of the time.

Jon drove the whole way - thanks!

And Aaron talked to Molly a lot of the time in the car - so fun to hear (half) of their conversation. Sorry we only got a picture with your eyes closed Aaron. :)

Smile Lily...

What will you do to get a baby to smile?

Lily's Room

One thing I've loved doing is decorating Lily's room. My Mom gave me some free fabric that is bright and colorful and I got some great ideas from Anna's blog. The border around the top we hung up with a glue gun and masking tape since the walls are made out of brick and you can't put nails or tacks in them. I hung up the numbers on the wall with liquid starch - worked great! Jon even got into it and lashed together some wooden rods since we couldn't find an embroidery hoop big enough for the mobile. I made the clouds and rain drops with foam board and glued them together with a blue gun. Matthew made one set of letters spelling "Lily" and Brittany made another. Anyway, here's a tour.