Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jing's Baptism

This is my old roommate Jing. Jon set her up as my roommate a year and a half ago. She came with us for a family dinner on the 9th and she realized that it was her one year mark since she'd been baptized! Sure love you Jing!

Above: 1/9/2011

2nd Picture: 1/9/2010

Sisters and Cousins

It sure is fun to have a baby the same time as your sister. We got together last week and just made yummy food for ourselves (no knead bread and boston cream pie) and took care of the kids. So fun - thanks Anna.

Happy Family

Today these words from the hymn 263, "Go Forth with Faith"stood out to me:
2. Go forth with love to tell the world, the joy of families—
That we may be with those we love, thru all eternity.
Go forth to serve and do your best, with no thought of reward;
Then you shall know the boundless joy, of serving Christ, the Lord.

Family life brings so much joy! I'm so happy to be a Mother even though its so hard. I'm so grateful that I've been taught truths about family life, which sometimes seem contradicting - especially in our society. My Dad always used to say, "If you want to be happy, make other people happy." Our society would say, "If you want to be happy, be selfish," but that is not truth. I'm so grateful for a husband and daughter who are sealed to me for eternity. I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to learn how to serve by being a mother and I know that it will bring me happiness.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lily likes music

Uncle John sent a new band for us to check out. Lily had been screaming - once I turned this on...this is what happened.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Likes and Dislikes

Its so fun to have Lily be old enough to start to know what she likes and doesn't like. (Perhaps crying or not crying is not the best indicator of that but oh well). One day, I was trying to get ready for church and Lily was screaming. Jon wasn't home since we take turns going to church halfway through until she gets old enough to handle germs which made things stressful. But, right when I turned on the blow dryer her eyes got wide and she stopped crying. It still works sometimes.
We also found that she loves good music. Christmas MOTAB and Vince Guaraldi will calm her down. I am also happy to report that when the Backstreet Boys came on in the store - it made her cry. Thats my girl!

Jon's Birthday Fire

Keeping with Terry Tradition, we had ice cream pie. For those of you who've ever been to Wingers, its a lot like asphalt pie. I think that Jon had 1/16 of it and I had the rest. That might not be an exaggeration.

Christmas Vacation

We had such a great Christmas vacation. I got really used to having Jon home with me all day and we loved just relaxing as a family. We built a snow family, sat around a lot, watched movies, welcomed our new niece Gwen (so cute!) into the world, and had a glorious Christmas as our little family. Here are some fun pics and videos.

Lily made a great baby Jesus at the Tyler family Christmas pageant.
She likes the sling...I promise.
Jon made me baby quilting frames out of pvc pipe - it works great! And its 1/4 the price of buying one - awesome.
Playing in the snow. You ask where was Lily all this time...
she was playing too!
But she couldn't stay out there all day so we had to arrange something else.

I'm still a little childish

Reason #1: When I was a girl, probably sometime in elementary school, I tried reading the BFG. It terrified me. I only got a little way into the book before I decided to stop reading it. My imagination was working a little too well and I was imagining kids, including me, being eaten by the horrific giants in the story - I couldn't handle it. To make matters worse, we watched the movie during school and the big troll-looking giants scared me even more. Well, I gave Jon a boxed set of Roald Dahl books for Christmas. I thought I'd try the BFG again as an adult (I can at least claim to be a young adult ok) and it still scares me. It brings back all of those feelings and fear that I had as a kid. Yes, I'm classically conditioned to be afraid of this book. But, I finished it anyway. I didn't really like it and yes, it still kind of scares me and yes, I might be afraid of the dark for a while.
Reason #2: Its a Friday night, Jon and I are both just enjoying the evening reading. I dished myself up a bowl of ice cream. I ate almost all of it - only a few bites left. Jon asked for some. I said no. After thinking about it for a few seconds, I gave him a tiny bite.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Remembering Lot's Wife

Last night Jon was talking about going back to school and how he feels he's ready to start a new semester. I found myself feeling a little jealous of his role as the Father and Provider. I kind of wanted to go back to school too...I wanted to mix up my days with class and home-life. I was remembering last year and how I was teaching and receiving positive feedback from colleagues and parents. I kind of wanted to relive my past, since the present and the future are so different from anything else I've experienced. I knew that I shouldn't feel that way, but I did. Today Jon showed me this youtube clip and it reminded me of one of the most influential talks in my young adult life. Remember Lot's Wife by Elder Holland.

Today I was bathing Lily which always makes me feel how much she trusts me and depends on me. I felt encouraged about our future. We have so much wonderful life ahead of us and I know that my future will be better, more exciting and harder than my past.

Happy New Year