Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween-ish Things

Its kind of hard for Halloween to feel like it has a purpose when you don't have little kids to dress up with and go trick-or-treating. But, in an effort to enjoy the holiday anyway, we dressed up for Grandma Tyler's Halloween party. Jon was in charge of costumes and did quite a good job with only half an hour notice.
I just couldn't help putting a picture up of the awesome costume my sister made for her little boy. He definitely won the coolest costume award.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Great Weekend

Jon and I spent the last three days babysitting the Zeidner kids (my cousins) up in Tooele. They have to be some of the stinkin' cutest kids in the entire world. Besides being extremely excited for our baby to come, we learned so much as we got to pretend to be parents together. Jon came up a day early and skipped school which was the happiest surprise ever. We worked to hard to take care of the four kids under the age of 7. Their youngest is named Lily and it was so fun to use that name over and over again and to see how much she loved being around Jon. I was trying to change her into her pajamas one night and she said, "No, Jon do it." She'd also point to my stomach and say "baby belly." So cute!

We were there for three days and I thought about how repetitive the work of being a mother is. You get up, get the kids fed, get them dressed, feed them lunch, feed them dinner, bathe them, put them to bed, and do it all again the next morning. And, that's not to mention the constant laundry, dishes, dirty diapers, and house work to be done. I thought about that and felt a little bit of the weight of that...and had it affirmed to me just how significant that work is. What could be more important than giving someone else a body - a chance to have their mortal probation and creating the place that they will grow up in. Its so important and I'm so glad that Jon and I will get to have our own baby here soon. This is the work of eternity - to have and raise families. Heavenly Father is still doing that work - we are His work and His glory.

Happy Birthday to Lauren!

My birthday was wonderful! Jon was so thoughtful and made a document on his desktop to record all of the things that he heard me say off hand like, "I wish I had a salad spinner." That way, he was getting ideas for what to get me for my birthday months in advance. The only problem was that he put a lock on the document...didn't use his normal password because I know that one...and then forgot what he used for the password. But - he still pulled off a great day with a new salad spinner and a butter brush for rolls. We also went out to eat on my birthday and it was so much fun.
My older sister Anna made me a delicious dinner on my actual birthday (amazing cake pictured above), my parents bought me a really cute pregnant shirt and a gift card to Costco (oh the possibilities). Mom Terry bought me some fabric to make some baby things I've been wanting.

Here is the nursing cover - I was so happy with how it turned out.

And this is our friend Beth and her baby Catherine modeling the baby wrap that I made. Its adjustable and I'm so excited to use it!

Thanks everyone for loving me and making it such a wonderful birthday.