Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thanks Brandon

Our nephew Brandon actually did catch this on tape - thanks! The second number is a little better so try to make it through the first.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who's Hungry?

This morning I woke up and just laid in bed...and realized that I my husband wasn't there! I was too tired to get up and investigate so I just listened and heard suspicious noises in the kitchen. When I finally did get up, I found that Jon had sneaked out of bed early and made me pancakes...a ton of pancakes. Sigh, you're great Jon - thanks. He used this recipe and it was perfect - hearty whole wheat (that he ground with a hand grinder) but not too dense that you don't want to eat it.
I guess he forgot that we don't have 10 kids yet. I'd say we ate about 1/3 of them, the rest will make great snacks that I can just pull out of the freezer during the day.


This year the weather started getting cooler and the leaves started changing color and everyone went back to school...except for me. For the first time since Kindergarten I'm not in school and I don't have a full time job. I've been talking to other young mothers about this transition from being a student or in the work force to being home all the time and I know that it can be really hard at first. The summer was really hard for me because I went from teaching elementary to an office job, and I know that when Lily finally gets here, it will be another really hard transition. But for now, life seems pretty easy...must be the calm before the storm. I walk to school with Jon every morning and practice piano on campus, I'm going to some of his classes with him and substituting about half the time. I've also been trying some fun recipes from Anna's blog. I've always wanted to take a week and only make things from there and this week I finally did that. Tomato Corn Pie, Cabbage Soup, Veggie Burgers, Indian Chicken, and Chicken Taquitos...delicious. I also decided to chop off all of my hair (which means Anna was nice enough to spend an entire morning doing it for me) since so many other things are changing. So I guess, sometimes change isn't so bad, lately its been great.

Summer Fun

The Zoo, The Children's Museum, hiking Stewart Falls, "Anything Goes Scrabble" (we made up this can place any word on the board even if its not a real word as long as you can make up a definition on the spot that sounds like it could be got pretty intense) and a crazy face contest. Ps - anyone know how to post pictures horizontally or in a table or something? I can't even tell you how frustrating this was

Terry Time!

At the beginning of August we had a marvelous family reunion in Port Orchard, Washington where Jon grew up. I finally got to meet all of Jon's family. I felt so much a part of the family that its funny to think that I hadn't even met them at the end of July.
For our talent, Jon and I played a "I am a child of God" and "Master the Tempest is Raging" by filling up glass bottles to different heights. We didn't get any footage and we couldn't bring all the bottles back on the plane so...Tyler'll just have to wait for the next Tyler Talent Show (or the first Tyler Talent Show).

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Chocolate Bon Bons

These are one of my favorite treats - partly because its made out of nothing but chocolate and partly because Jon and made them together on our second date. Here is what you'll need...

- Oreos (we got the cheap off brand and it worked just fine)
- Cream Cheese (8 oz should be great)
- Melted chocolate
- A hammer or some other smashing device
First, you smash up the oreos.
You might to use a rolling pin to get them very finely smashed (or a water bottle if you don't own a rolling pin)
Then you mix up the bits of oreo with cream cheese...this just works best if you use your hands. Its fun for me, because I've always loved playing in the mud since I was a little kid and this is an adult-appropriate way to do that.
Roll the cream cheese mixture into little balls, dip them in chocolate and stick them in the freezer for a bit. Vwa-la! They're kind of like home made truffles, what could be better?

Ta da!

This is my first real project using my new sewing machine! I feel like such a little wife when I sew and I really creating things that last for a relatively long time. Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Haskell for the great machine and to Anna and my Mom for being so smart about my wedding decorations. They bought this fabric that I love and used it for table runners. Now I have a ton of great fabric to make curtains and pillow covers. They also made the flowers out of fabric.

A big Thank you also goes to Tim and Annalee for the couch they gave us.

And this is a picture of the sewing project that didn't go quite like I'd planned. Jon's shorts needed new pocket liners because his old ones had big holes in them. pocket works but the other one I sewed on upside down. Here he is, showing that the only way he can put his hand in that pocket is if he cocks his wrist at an uncomfortable angle.