Monday, July 9, 2018

David is 5!

We've had a great day celebrating David.  We went to the park, ate all his favorite foods, and did a lot of legos.  We're so glad he's our little boy (and I'm glad he's not too old to hold hands with me when we're walking places).

David chose beef gravy for dinner.  He calls it, "my favorite beeth."

Here's an up close shot of David's cake.  It's a ninja fighting two dinosaurs.  He loved it. :) 

Whenever David asked us what his presents would be, Jon would answer, "a bowl of mud."  So Jon gave David a bowl of mud...he didn't laugh or cry.  He kinda didn't know what to do.

And just for fun...
3 years ago:

5 years ago: 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

A little house tour

Here's a quick house tour.

I put this flower pot together as my mothers day present.  I loved picking out the flowers and made Jon lock the front door while I planted them this morning.  It's a nice neighborhood, but close enough to the freeway that we hear it whenever the windows are open. We're already used to it.

Here's the front - we're on the lower level.

And here's the view from our can see Jon's red corolla at the top of the street, which is where we park.  I guess that's just normal in this complex.

Here's the girls cleaning up dinner.

I love having some of the pottery my sister made me out on display.  It makes me happy.

Here's the patio.  The washer and dryer are in this outside closet.  It's so different to get used to things being outside that usually wouldn't be - because the weather is AMAZING.  I've been surprised how cold it gets in the evening / morning even on hot days.  It's nice, but I'll definitely be wearing a sweater more then I realized I would.

The kids have all been sleeping in the same looks like we're running a hostile.

Play room:

Master bedroom

And the master bathroom is more like a closet then anything.  Luckily there's a more normal sized bathroom as well that's in the hallway.  

So, there's stuff to get used to and we are.  I like it here.  It's small but it works and there's always the beach!  

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Moving to San Diego

As Jon finished up his Masters Degree, it looked like we were going to be at a job in North Salt Lake.  Jon had done an internship there and we both really loved the people and it was nice Jon had already had some idea of what the work would be like.  Then, the day before we accepted that offer he got a call from a job down in Southern CA.  They're a consulting company and had just received funding to make a new hire.  Jon had almost forgotten about his interview way back in November.  So, when they called and said, "are we too late to make an offer?"  Jon said, "no, but you have to be fast."  That night we were talking with the CEO and the next day we were scrambling, trying to make a decision.  And...we decided to take the job in San Diego.  Because Jon needed to start mid-May, and we wanted a week to settle in, we had just over a week to make the move.  It's been crazy, and there are so many people who've helped us - watching our kids, bringing us dinner, cleaning our house and more and more.  I didn't get pictures of all the times we were helped, but here's some of them.  One of the nice things about moving, is that it helps me realize how much I love people, and that we're loved too.  I'm going to miss other mom's in the neighborhood I've become friends with and being close to family.  But now that we're unpacked in our little apartment, and we've been to the beach a couple times...I'd say it was all worth it. ;)  I feel like this is going to be a good next step for our family.

Packing up:

Moving, settling in and a little family Vacation (before Jon starts next week):

Help from our Thompson cousins.  These guys were so much help!

San Diego Zoo!

And this is random, but cute.  Tonight, Suzy was kneeling for a while and her foot had fallen asleep.  When she stood up, she said, "Mom!  My foot is sizzling."