Monday, April 2, 2018

Easter 2018!

Here the pics from Easter's past.  

2015: I forgot to get a real picture of the girls, but Lily's wearing hers in this one.




We had a great Easter as a family - colored eggs, played "Hotter/Colder" to find the baskets on Easter morning and did egg races in the afternoon.  David has been asking for egg races ever since they did it with plastic eggs in his preschool a week ago.  However, when he got his own hard boiled egg on the spoon and realized that every time it dropped, it'd crack...there were tears.  Luckily, he and Jon made a great team.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

A Big Day

This morning, my Mom came early to watch the kids and get them off to school for us.  Jon and I drove to BYU where Jon set up his laptop to defend his thesis.  I'd made cookies, which Lily labeled "cookeys" to share.  

Before Jon defended, he said, "well, either way it'll be over soon."  He had a great little audience too - with Jon's parents, his brother Aaron and our nephew Brandon (let it be noted that today is Brandon's birthday and he still came.  Impressive).

Jon's been practicing his presentation a lot in the last couple weeks.  It was 40 minutes long and honestly, he did a great job.  Two advisers afterwards told us that he did really well on the presenting portion of it.  I was just so proud as I sat there, looking at a bunch of Greek letters and symbols that I'm not familiar with, and watching him explain the math behind the work he's done.  He had a Chemical Engineering undergraduate degree and that created an extra hurdle for him as he pursued his Masters in Mechanical Engineering.  He's seriously done amazing and we've both worked so hard

I'll be honest, I didn't read much of Jon's actual thesis, but here's what I did read from the acknowledgements section: 

My thanks go first and foremost to my wife, Lauren, who has given me an incredible amount of support as I’ve pursued my graduate studies. She has made many sacrifices and given me essential encouragement throughout the entire process. She’s helped foster in our children an enthusiastic attitude about my schooling, who excitedly look forward to the day that they can celebrate the completion of this thesis. I could not have done this work without Lauren’s help and support.

After Jon's presentation, all the audience was asked to leave to the professors could ask more detailed questions to him alone.  Jon was in there for about half an hour on his own with them while I just waited outside the door, trying to pretend like my stomach didn't hurt.  This is a picture of us waiting while the professors deliberated.  And...he passed!  Phew.  He even passed without qualifications which means that he's really truly done.  Just some paper work, a few last edits to the pdf of this thesis and his guy has a Masters Degree!

I've also had this song stuck in my head...pretty appropriate. 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Happy Birthday to our family! - 8 years

To celebrate our families birthday (AKA mine and Jon's anniversary), we went bowling.  The kids were so cute - cheering for each other.  And Suzy gave us a run for our money - almost coming first out of everyone!

Also, Jon and I got to have a getaway to San Diego for the weekend.  It was cold and windy most of the time we were there, but at least there wasn't any snow on the ground!  It makes me want to move to California.  :)

Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 Recap

2017, you were good to us.  We celebrated New Years Eve today since Jon has to go to school on Monday.  We watched "Elf," ate pizza and no bake cookies.  The kids laid in their sleeping bags or sat on laps.  It was so fun to be together.  Anyway, you can watch our long recap video here.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017


It was another great day, full of more presents and good food.  Suzy chose to have Chicken Tikka Masala (or "Indian Chicken" as she calls it) for dinner.  Jon chose Ice Cream Pie for dessert...and once Daddy asked for a birthday omlet, she wanted one too and loved it.  She spent a lot of the day playing her new Ukelele, and Jon taught Lily some piano lessons.  

How did you grow up so fast Suzy?  We're so happy you're our spunky, piggy-tailed, lovely little girl.  You've always had a talent for making everyone smile and laugh.

Monday, December 25, 2017

December 2017

With graham cracker houses, Lily's school program, seeing a lights show, and both families to celebrate the holidays, there hasn't been a dull moment.  Jon and I had a really rough Christmas Eve night (with both of us having a cold and not sleeping well).  That was combined with David not falling asleep until late, and then waking up at 5am.  BUT...we had a beautiful Christmas morning together.  I'm so glad we're a family.

On Christmas Eve, we had a fun time making trains.  David sat and switched the rails for a few hours.

Each of the kids got a shirt this year that I wrapped in onion soup boxes.  Lily saw me wrapping the boxes and said, "SOUP!  Soup on Christmas morning, it will be delicious!"